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Children’s Day, or International Children’s Day, is a global event that the world celebrates annually on the day of signing the same convention that stipulates all the rights of the child, which is celebrated on November 20 of each year.[1]

Child Rights

The rights of the child are everything that achieves a decent life for him, and the atmosphere that allows him to grow properly without external influences that affect his growth and his psyche, and achieve all means of livelihood for him and protect him from anything that may be exposed to him, and some of these rights can be mentioned, which are:[2]

  • The right of the child to be covered by the rights of the child without exception, regardless of his colour, gender, race, religion, or lineage.
  • The child’s development is sound, and he is not exposed to obstacles that prevent his healthy mental, moral, spiritual and social development.
  • Obtain a name and nationality.
  • Obtaining care and health care before and after birth.
  • Obtaining the basics of life, including food, shelter and medical services.
  • Have fun and play freely.
  • A child with special needs has the right to a proper upbringing and special care that depends on his condition.
  • Obtaining emotional and moral attention, and no one has the right to separate him from his mother, and in the case of orphaned children, the concerned authorities must provide them with care and attention.
  • Learning is free and compulsory, and all appropriate conditions are provided for him to learn and be creative.
  • Protect him from any neglect, cruelty or exploitation that he may be exposed to.
  • Not working, because work will hinder his growth, education and health.
  • Protect it from discrimination and racism, and educate it on understanding, tolerance, peace and global brotherhood.

Violations of the occupation of the rights of the Palestinian child

There is no doubt that the Israeli occupation violates the rights of the Palestinian child, causes him psychological terrorism, and works to kill, torture and imprison children. Examples of the methods used against Palestinian children by the occupation are:[3]

  • Hitting them, which causes them physical and psychological harm, and may cause them mental harm by hitting them on the head.
  • The practice of the so-called shabeh on Palestinian children, where they are tied by their legs and hands and forced to stand or sit for long hours or even days or weeks.
  • Depriving them of sleep, food, water and urinate.
  • Cursing and verbal insults that children are exposed to greatly.
  • Torture them by pouring cold or hot water on them.
  • Sexual harassment, threats of rape, indecent assault, and long hours of nudity.
  • Humiliating them and subjecting them to saying things and making offensive moves for them.
  • Exhausting the child physically and morally by isolating him in a single cell.
  • Putting children in criminal prisons, which leads to their exposure to various types of harm and exposure to delinquency.
  • Make the police dogs attack or threaten them.

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