Agriculture is the most important ingredient of life on earth. It is one of the basic sources through which man obtains his own food, which ensures his survival. It is widely spread in many different geographical areas, and is known as a craft and an art. One of the arts that man follows in his life, which leads to obtaining all crops and plant and animal production, and this definition is one of the modern and advanced terms, as the agricultural process was called in the past the process of sowing various seeds in the soil, and working to keep them for a period of time, in order to be Its maturity as a result of its exposure to natural conditions, and work to collect and harvest it at the specified time.

Agriculture Varieties

There are many types of cultivation that are based on it:

  • Advanced agriculture: This type of agriculture is based on the use of modern and advanced equipment and devices in the agricultural process, which leads to the provision of large quantities of production that people need, and these means save time and effort in the farming process.
  • Underdeveloped or developing agriculture: Old and traditional equipment and machines are used in the agricultural process, and this agriculture does not meet the continuous and great needs of humans, so it causes a kind of deficit in crops and production, because it takes a long time and a large number of workers compared to the previous type.

Agriculture uses

There is a group of uses that agriculture provides to man in his daily life, namely:

  • Providing human needs of food, housing and clothing, which are among the most important necessities in human life.
  • Agriculture works to provide many of the necessary and basic industries in life, such as paints, medical materials and other industries, and due to the many uses of agriculture, this led to the presence of large numbers of labor hands in this field compared to the industrial sector.

Agriculture Development

The major industrialized countries are among the most developed countries in the agricultural field, unlike developing and poor countries, as they depend in the agricultural process on traditional and primitive methods that have been used for thousands of years, and these countries are unable to provide the requirements of their population, especially with the large increase in population density. For these countries, and the inability to reach self-sufficiency, and this is a responsibility that falls on the shoulders of the developed and developed countries, by providing the necessary requirements for the agricultural process, such as advanced equipment and tools, so that it becomes able to meet the needs of its population by providing products that are not available to them, and in this way they are Capable of facing any crises it may face, such as disasters and famines.

In order for society to reach the required level of development and provide the special needs of all its residents, whether in terms of food or providing wide areas of work, and building large projects, attention must be given to all areas that lead to achieving this, especially agriculture.

Research on agriculture

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