Scorpio traits

  • The owner of the Scorpio sign has a superior ability to control his feelings and emotions, and no one can discover what is going on inside him, so do not notice a trace of turmoil or tension on him.
  • The owners of this sign are serious, and they rarely laugh, and if you hear their laughter, it is a sincere laugh from the heart.
  • Many of the owners of this sign are loyal, and they despise lies and hypocrisy, and if you want to know your good behavior about a situation you did, ask the owners of this sign, and you will get an honest, sincere, clear and specific answer without shame.
  • The owner of the Scorpio sign is distinguished by the rare courage to the point of underestimating death, as if he lives in it and endures any experience, whether misery, poverty, mockery of enemies or mortal danger.

Scorpio varieties

  • Dangerous, Sam: Not only for those around him but for himself as well.
  • Eagle: Because he is characterized by strength, wisdom, independence and fairness, and we may remember from the personalities that fall under this category, the former President of the United States of America, Theo Dor Roosevelt.
  • Gray orchid: It is the weakest of the species; So that he does not possess the power of destruction as in the first category, and also does not possess the power of creativity, wisdom and independence as in the second category; Rather, he is closed in on himself, and does not like to influence in any way the events surrounding him.

“Pluto” greatly affects the revitalization of the owners of this sign, and Scorpio is considered to be exactly like spring flowers that carry a beautiful scent. Its nature is flaming commensurate with the sun’s stone, and its steel is steel, which became solid when it was cold and polished.

Scorpio and Pluto

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