Research and Studies

Due to the increasing need to collect accurate information, more focus has been placed on various researches and studies.

Scientific research is the main reference on which human decisions and judgment are based on matters and some phenomena. This led to its organization and the use of various methods to achieve the desired end.

Scientific Research

It is the process of querying and finding the truth about something, or a certain phenomenon of interest to humanity, or trying to find solutions to a specific problem, by collecting information and data in different scientific ways, and then performing operations on it to get the result that he can understand, and this process is governed by certain rules .

Scientific research differs from knowledge, in that it shows truth from falsehood and right from wrong. There is no room for opinions and beliefs or inclination towards whims and desires. As for knowledge, it is a set of ideas and intellectual concepts that express a person’s opinion or experiences in life.

The importance of scientific research

  • Access to the facts, which increases the development and advancement of society, the society that depends in its decisions on the results of scientific research is a strong society, and the percentage of error is low.
  • Inventing different machines and inventing multiple means to solve a problem or developing an invention to make life easier.
  • Protecting human life by solving problems that may directly or indirectly threaten him and his existence
  • Predicting the occurrence of some phenomena in the future, whether they are good or bad, but in both cases a person can prepare in advance for them.
  • It is a means of self-education where the researcher relies on following organized and systematic methods to obtain results, which increases his abilities and skills.

scientific research methods

  • Scientific research depends on objectivity, away from whims and desires. The goal is to reach the correct results, regardless of whether this result matches the researcher’s desires or not, and it is not a condition that the researcher reaches the fixed results, but rather tries to reach the most correct ones.
  • The scientific research method depends on the extrapolation of general results from small molecules, as it relies on these molecules in order to reach the information and results that it generalizes later.
  • Scientific research depends on the description of phenomena to obtain facts, and it also depends on observation to arrive at facts or to arrive at a scientific description of them.

Scientific research concept, tools and methods

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