Scholarships in Canada are the subject of our current report, as Canada opens its doors every year to a large number of international students from different countries of the world who wish to study in its universities and colleges.

Canada has an advanced scientific degree compared to other countries of the world, and its universities and colleges offer many advanced and acclaimed study programs.

Canadian universities also rank first among the universities in the world, according to many studies conducted and published recently.

In addition, Canadian tuition fees are rather low, the living life is acceptable for students, and the environment is healthy and sound for international students, most of whom end up staying in Canada after arranging their official legal status after the end of their studies.

Scholarships in Canada and its types

Scholarships in Canada

The types of scholarships in Canada vary according to the funding body, and there are three types of scholarships:

1- Canadian Government Scholarship: They are financial awards that the Canadian government offers to international students and encourage them to come to Canada and study there.

2- Non-Governmental Grants: Scholarships are offered by various funds, institutions and organizations to international students wishing to follow a specific study path in order to participate and develop in this field.

3- Educational Institutions Scholarships: Scholarships offered by universities and colleges in Canada for international students wishing to pursue their education in Canada.

Scholarships for international students are awarded on the basis of merit and eligibility as well as financial need and some are based on academic achievement, athletic skills and special abilities.

Federal, provincial and territorial governments, individual schools, and some businesses and charities offer scholarships and financial subsidies,

Canada’s universities offer about 3,500 scholarships to young people interested in pursuing their higher education, and there are more than 130 scholarships and more than $19 million awards for students wishing to study in Canada.

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Government Scholarships in Canada for International Students

Scholarships in Canada

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship: This is a two-year, non-renewable, merit-based scholarship in natural and social sciences and health research programs that offers awards of C$70,000.

*DRC Research Awards Applicants for this scholarship are from developing countries registered in master’s programs, and the value of the scholarship is up to 15,000 Canadian dollars, and the number of scholarships is not specified.

* Vater Scholarships for Postgraduate Studies: It has 166 non-renewable grants of one to three years. Applicants must be worthy, have research potential and leadership skills. The award is $5,000 Canadian.

*ASEAN Canada Scholarship: The cost of the program is 5000 dollars for the trip, visa, health insurance and 1600 weekly allowance, which is non-renewable, and the value of the award is 10000 Canadian dollars and is geared towards professional professionalism for the ASEAN countries.

Canadian Studies Postdoctoral Fellowship: The award is 25000 Canadian dollars and air tickets up to 10000 Canadian dollars. It is non-renewable, and a completed thesis is submitted in the last five years and the residency period is from one to three months.

Partnership grants by the House of Commons for Social Studies and Humanities of Canada: The award is worth 20,000 Canadian dollars for a period of four to seven years aimed at pursuing a PhD in eligible Canadian universities in a specific subject.

Ontario Trillium Scholarship

It offers 75 scholarships that are renewable for a period of four years, and the award is 40 thousand Canadian dollars, which are offered to doctoral students.

*In collaboration with OGS, Ontario Graduate Scholarships The Canadian government and participating institutions offer international students participating master’s and doctoral programs at selected institutions and the total scholarship award is CAD 15,000 annually.

Quebec Provincial Government Scholarship: Financial aid for students enrolled in a master’s degree at Canadian universities in Quebec. Awards are made on the basis of merit and $25,000 CAD per year for PhD students and post-doctoral students with a value of CAD 35,000 annually.

* Presentation of the Shastri-Indo Canadian Institute Scholarship A study institute for students who are pursuing postgraduate courses in Canada.

Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship: It is offered to deserving students from Commonwealth countries who are pursuing masters and doctoral degrees at Canadian institutes. The award covers tuition fees, living expenses and travel allowance.

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Non-Government Scholarships in Canada for International Students

Scholarships in Canada

Some organizations and trust funds offer scholarships to international students, and these scholarships include:

*Ann Valley Environmental Fund.: Offered to students who are interested in studying animals at the doctoral level and do

Conducting research at universities in British Columbia or Quebec and the award amount is 1,500 Canadian dollars.

Studies and fellowships Scholarships: Trudeau Scholarships for international students are awarded to those pursuing a PhD in Canada and under CAD there are about 15 scholarships offered by these organizations.

Canada Memorial Scholarship: It is a scholarship offered to international students from the United Kingdom to pursue studies in Canada and the award covers tuition fees, tickets, travel instructions and accommodation expenses.

Various scholarships

Canadian universities offer a diverse list of national and international scholarships and fellowships that are either free or federally funded and other forms of financial aid for students,

The student is entitled to apply for a scholarship in Canada, whether to study in high schools or university studies and grants to graduate students from master’s, doctoral and post-doctoral programs, and these scholarships are available in the comprehensive scholarship databases for the State of Canada.

Scholarships in Canada may be fully funded or partially funded for students wishing to study in Canada and scholarships by the Canadian government

It is for local and international students and is offered every year. By 2020, the number of international students who received scholarships in Canada increased to 500,000 students, compared to 350,000 international students in 2015.

In the event of not being able to obtain a scholarship in Canada, international students can get work while studying and are allowed to work for 15 hours per week or 100 hours in the summer, and the minimum hourly wage in Canada is about 14 Canadian dollars and 4% vacation pay, and opportunities are offered Great education for international students at nearly 100 public Canadian universities,

In the event of the inability to finance education, scholarships in Canada come as an easy option, and to ensure obtaining a scholarship, there must be a continuous and extensive search.


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