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sayings about love

  • What is love if not to understand and love someone who lives, behaves, and feels differently and in opposition to our way.
  • And I spent a lifetime swimming in imagination, until I saw the love in you as a reality that quickly came and got lost among the waves of sand.
  • O you who forget and remind us of love, you will remember us one day and we will forget you.
  • God throws love into our hearts, so do not ask a lover why you loved.
  • Love is not written on paper, because time can erase it, and it is not engraved on stone because stone may break, love is stigmatized in the heart, and so it remains forever.
  • When you find beauty in your heart, you will find it in every heart.
  • When I write, there is no reader but you.
  • A woman exists once in a man’s lifetime, and likewise a man in a woman’s lifetime, except that it is only attempts to compensate.
  • How did I not hold on to you? How did I leave you? Oh my air, oh my bread and my day of laughter do you spend?
  • It is nice to be close to someone who keeps you, does not smile at others, and does not give a quarter of your status to anyone else.
  • Friends are the small homelands, the second face of love, love that does not change.

sayings about happiness

  • He who loses all his sources of happiness, does not care what abyss he fell into.
  • Whoever obtains happiness must share it with others, for happiness has given birth to twins.
  • True happiness lies in sharing.
  • Happiness is not in the amount of things we have, but in the amount we enjoy in our lives with what we have, this is the true happiness.
  • Happiness depends on the quality of your thoughts.
  • Happiness does not depend on who you are and what you have, happiness depends only on what you think.
  • Happiness is when your thoughts, words, and actions coincide.
  • Happiness is something that enters our lives through doors we don’t even remember leaving open.
  • There is no happiness without dignity.
  • True happiness is the one with which a person does not feel a twinge of conscience, because he has usurped the right of others, or because he established his happiness on the ruins of the happiness of others, or because he used illegal means to achieve it.
  • Two things prevent us from happiness: living in the past and observing others.
  • Some spread happiness wherever they go, others leave it behind whenever they go.
  • Happiness lies in the joy of achievement, and the ecstasy of creative effort.
  • Happiness seems small when you hold it in your hands, but if you let it go, you will immediately know how big it is and how important it is.
  • Happiness comes from the inside out of the person, not from the outside into the inside.
  • Contentment is the most important cause of happiness, because it makes you see life as beautiful.

sayings about life

  • Peace be upon those who laugh and years of weeping in their hearts, those who have decided to live and who have not yet been acquainted with life.
  • Don’t sit back and wait, get outside and feel alive.
  • Life is tasteless without hope.
  • Life is a beautiful novel that you have to read to the end, never stop at a sad line, the end may be beautiful.
  • My whole life has been a series of rejection, and so I could live, I refused school, I refused wealth, I refused submission, I refused to accept things.
  • Your wealth in yourself, your value in your work, and your motives are more important than your goals, and do not expect much from people.
  • Always remember to sleep with a dream and wake up with a goal.

sayings about justice

  • It is fair for a man to come up with arguments for his opponents, as he brings for himself.
  • Standing justice is better than permanent giving.
  • Justice is less expensive than injustice, and security is less expensive than war.
  • Justice is the basis of ruling.
  • If the kings desire justice, the subjects desire obedience.
  • All virtues are summed up in dealing with justice.
  • The closest resource of justice is self-measurement.
  • Be fair before you are generous, necessities precede luxuries.
  • The sword of justice has no sheath.
  • Justice without power is powerless, and power without justice is tyrannical.
  • With justice, nations will live, and a nation will not be upright unless justice is the basis that governs it.

Sayings shaking hearts

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