Saudi founding day songs Among the most prominent celebrations of the Saudi Founding Day; It is one of the important days in Saudi history; As it enhances the national belonging to the country and proves the depth of the Saudi identity in building this country, and linking its past with its present, and for this reason, the country’s government had to set aside a day to celebrate the founding day; And that is on the twenty-second of February of each year, and here we dedicate the article to you to present the most beautiful songs of the Saudi Foundation Day.

Saudi founding day

The Saudi Foundation Day is an ambitious national Saudi project. Its date is set on the twenty-second of February of each Gregorian year. Its history goes back more than 300 centuries in a row; Since the establishment of the first Saudi state at the hands of Imam Muhammad bin Saud in 1727 AD, this day aims to link the Saudis to their national roots that strike deep in history, highlight their belonging to the country and link the past with the present through the foundation day journey that reflects the culture of the Hijaz homes, and the founding day is a new holiday It was included in the holidays of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and under its identity slogan “A Fat Day” was launched, and in the middle of it a man holding a banner, surrounded by four symbols represented by palms, Arabian horses, the Majlis, and the market, each of which carries essential historical meanings, and they are as follows:

  • the man: It symbolizes the heroism that the Saudis have undertaken, and the extent to which they are united around the banner and defense of their homeland.
  • dates: It symbolizes life, generosity and prosperity.
  • the Council: It symbolizes the cultural unity that the Saudi people enjoy.
  • Arabian horse: It symbolizes the chivalry and heroism carried out by the princes of the state throughout the ages.
  • market: It symbolizes the economic movement that the Kingdom is witnessing and the extent of its openness to the peoples of the world.

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Saudi founding day songs

With the launch of the Saudi Foundation Day activities and celebrations, many different national songs and anthems are launched to celebrate this important historical occasion in the emergence of the Hijaz, in order to share it with the masses of Saudis who celebrate and are proud of the glory of Saudi history and the date of its founding, and in this year, which is the initiative to celebrate the Saudi Foundation Day for the first time Since the country’s history, which was launched under the slogan of its own identity (a fat day), to celebrate the day that Saudi Arabia began its inception, and among the most recent songs that were published recently and are popular and listened to by the masses are the following:[1]

  • The song of Saudi Arabia – the founding day and the homeland, in high quality, exclusively.
  • Sheila, the founding day, performed by Ali Mohsen Al-Tamimi 2022 exclusively.
  • The song of the founding day and the lineage of the Al Saud family exclusively in high quality.
  • Operetta biography of the House of Saud exclusively.
  • Sheila Majhoud Al Qubaisi on the occasion of the founding day.
  • Song Ya Salami Ya Saudi by Rashid Al Majed.
  • The song of judgment for God then Al Saud by Majid Al Mohandes in high quality.
  • God is great, the beginning of what the Sunnah of the Prophet began, in which they followed the example of high quality.
  • The song Madon Al Ezz Saudis.
  • Note: There are many different songs and anthems to celebrate the Saudi founding day for the current year 1443/2022; Which started with the slogan of its identity (A Fat Day) “From here”.

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The song “We are fat” for the Saudi founding day

Many Saudis and those residing on its lands are looking for the most wonderful and beautiful anthems and songs for the Saudi founding day, especially that there are many scattered songs to express love, belonging and loyalty to the dear homeland, and here we have chosen for you the most beautiful song about the Saudi homeland that we dedicate to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the occasion of its founding day, That is why we offer you below the most wonderful songs that you can share for the celebration of the Saudi Foundation Day; That day bears the slogan (A fat day), which is as follows:

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Saudi founding day songs download link

You can download the songs of the Saudi founding day in high quality, easily and conveniently, through the dedicated electronic link “from here”; Where this link will take you to the platform he heard dedicated to uploading and downloading national songs and anthems dedicated to the celebration of the day of the founding of the Hejaz countries, in order to watch the most beautiful national songs.

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Here we bring you to the end of this article; through which we have provided you Saudi founding day songsWhere we showed you a brilliant bouquet of the most beautiful and wonderful national songs and anthems; Which you can listen to and share the nation’s joy on this occasion.

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