Saudi founding day logo pdf We make it available to you here through our article, where our beloved kingdom celebrates the passing of three hundred consecutive centuries of raising its flag, and this day is a witness to the establishment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; This Saudi founding day is marked by its identity emblem; Which distinguishes it from the rest of the other days, due to its adoption as an official identity for all festive events and various activities and everything related to this occasion in all its aspects.

Saudi founding day

The Saudi Founding Day is a distinct historical day launched by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the current year 2022 AD, to witness the launch of the celebration of the founding day of the Hejaz countries, which dates back to 1727 AD; That year, which witnessed the establishment of the first Saudi state by Imam Muhammad bin Saud, and this day was issued by a royal order by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz, and February 22 of each year was adopted as the founding day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; To be a comprehensive official holiday for all sectors operating in the country, and this day aims to link the Saudis to their national roots, show the depth of belonging to their country, and focus on the first Saudi state.[1]

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Saudi founding day logo

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has adopted its identity logo, which bears the title of its own identity (a fat day), in reference to the beginning of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 300 centuries ago on carrying the banner of monotheism. It is surrounded by four symbols represented by palms, Arabian horses, the Majlis, and the market. At the bottom of this logo is written the phrase “Institutional Day -1727” in a font inspired by Saudi manuscripts that documented the history of the first Saudi state. The symbols of this logo are detailed in detail:

  • the man: It symbolizes the heroism that the Saudis have undertaken, and the extent of their support and unity around the flag of the nation and their defense of their land by redeeming it with what they have.
  • dates: It symbolizes life, generosity and growth.
  • the Council: It symbolizes the cultural unity that the Saudi people enjoy.
  • Arabian horse: It symbolizes the chivalry and heroism carried out by the princes of the state throughout the ages.
  • market: It symbolizes the economic movement that the Kingdom is witnessing and the extent of its openness to the peoples of the world.
    The slogan of the Saudi Foundation Day is a fat day

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Saudi founding day logo pdf

We make available to you “from here” the Saudi Tays Day logo pdfIt is the motto dedicated to the founding day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which was launched under the title “A Fat Day” in reference to the beginning of the start of the Hejaz lands and carried its banner nearly three hundred years in a row from its founding, and this dates back to 1727 AD when Imam Muhammad bin Saud established the first Saudi state.

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Saudi founding day logo png

One of the most distinguishing features of the Saudi Foundation Day is the logo used in the various activities and celebrations of this day, and for this we provide you with a high-quality image of the logo ready for download and direct use as follows:
Saudi founding day logo png

Saudi founding day logo png

Saudi founding day logo png

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Link to download the Saudi Founding Day Identity Logo pdf

It is available to everyone from all sides to download the identity of the Saudi Foundation Day logo; which was launched under the slogan (a fat day) to celebrate the founding of the Saudi state, a slogan consisting of a variety of lines, colors and visual shapes; Each of them carries essential and symbolic meanings, reflecting your withering of heritage and national harmony, and the slogan of the Saudi Founding Day identity “from here” is downloaded.

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Here we bring you to the end of this article; through which we have provided you Saudi founding day logo pdfIt is the emblem of the identity of this historic day, which the Kingdom celebrates for the first time since its history.

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