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Monday October 12, 2020

Saudi Cruise Trip – Saudi Cruise Trip: All you need to know

Who among us has never dreamed of spending a multifaceted vacation without the hassle of planning each city and all the accompanying details; From accommodation, finding suitable restaurants and even added services that every traveler is looking for to spend a relaxing time!

Therefore, I found cruise trips that are held on huge cruise ships, which in turn are mainly used for the purpose of vacationing and not as ships transporting goods, and they start their voyages back and forth to different cities at sea, where the ship begins to move from one city to reach the next day to the other city And so on..

Today, and within the efforts of the concerned authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in developing its tourism sector and highlighting the tourism and heritage sites through the “Saudi Spirit” program, the first cruise trips depart from the port of King Abdullah Economic City aboard the “Silver Spirit” ship, which contains all the entertainment services that Every traveler needs it.

The “Silver Spirit” ship contains 8 luxury suites in addition to 8 various restaurants serving different foods from around the world. It also contains two swimming pools, the first one exposed on the deck and the other closed, a gymnasium equipped with the latest equipment, a spa and other other facilities to be One of the finest cruise ships in the world.

There is also a large theater on board the ship that offers various shows within the entertainment voyage program, in addition to many other entertainment and musical programs that are presented on the stage.

Educational, entertainment and exploration programs have also been launched on board the ship, in order to give a wide space to enjoy the entire voyage.

It is reported that on board the ship there is also a small market with souvenir products, in addition to a video games area.

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Traveler program

The ship will pass in the area of ​​Cape ElAbyad and the jewel of the Red Sea “Sandala” in Neom, where tourists will find themselves in front of stunning views on one of the most beautiful islands in the region in royal cabins dedicated to providing its visitors with the highest level of luxury under the tunes of live musical performances provided by local and international talents. Before and after the trip, visitors will enjoy the quiet beaches of the city and its highend resorts, which offer the highest levels of luxury to its visitors, in addition to many recreational activities and luxury restaurants with an ancient Michelin star, and it will also pass on the picturesque beaches of Cape Abyad, where passengers will be waiting for many activities And the musical performances that will be held in conjunction with all kinds of distinct marine activities, most notably diving, boating, and exploring the beaches, with private cabins overlooking the sea to enjoy the highest level of privacy.

It is noteworthy that 75% of the ship’s carrying capacity has been occupied, with the aim of achieving social distancing among tourists.

In addition, all precautions, preventive measures and health protocols are applied to preserve the safety of tourists, before and after the boarding of passengers on board the ship and at all stations during which cruises stop, in coordination with all concerned parties, with the aim of enjoying safe and enjoyable tourism experiences.

the prices

The prices of the trips range from 7475 to 10450 riyals, according to several factors and for the services and additions that the traveler wants to enjoy, such as the location of the room on board the ship (interior rooms with a window overlooking the sea – a balcony on the sea) or private suites with special additions, timing of the trip (summer Or winter) and the destinations of the trip (where will you go? Is the cruise or river cruise).

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Important advice before booking cruise trips

Before booking a cruise trip for enjoyment and tourism, you should know the following tips:

Knowing the right flight time for you and your business so that you are free for the duration of the trip.

Determine the desired destination and the cities to be visited.

It is preferred to search for intermediate sites to book the trip.

There is no shared room feature, so the single person must pay the full room price.

The price includes room, food and drinks, use of the pools, Jacuzzi, sauna and gym.

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