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Thursday March 26, 2020

Saudi Arabia will be held accountable for all the crimes it committed in Yemen

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Brigadier General Abed Muhammad al-Thur confirmed that there will certainly be deterrent and powerful options, and the 6 th year and today is the start of the upward counting of our military capacity and the countdown to the collapse of the Saudi military and comprehensive system, and the risks to the Saudi regime and those around it will widen as Saudi Arabia created around it many enemies and did not try to whiten On its page, Saudi Arabia is still implementing its crimes against the Yemeni people, and this will force the Yemeni armed forces to make our military choices our master of the situation.

Brigadier General Abed Al-Thour stated: “Saudi Arabia lost thousands of tanks, armored vehicles, hundreds of planes, thousands of soldiers and officers to Yemen, and that the Saudi armed forces are not qualified today even for defense, and that Saudi Arabia will be held accountable for all its crimes committed in Yemen.”

Details in the attached video ..

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