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Monday September 28, 2020

Saudi Arabia prosecutes activists and supporters of Hamas with ‘Israeli’ information

The World – Saudi Arabia

Against the background of the case known as “Hamas detainees,” the Specialized Criminal Court in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, resumed the trial of six Jordanian and Palestinian detainees more than a year ago, claiming support for the Palestinian resistance. The defense lawyer said that the Public Prosecution charged the detainees with charges ranging from belonging to a terrorist entity and supporting its activities financially. The six detainees categorically denied the charges against them related to financing and belonging to Hamas.

He explained that the detainees are Palestinian figures with symbolic, headed by Muhammad al-Khudari, who has held the position of representative of the “Hamas” movement in a political capacity to Saudi Arabia since the year ’92 of the last century. Hamas addressed Saudi Arabia several times, and brought in mediators in order to release the Jordanian and Palestinian detainees, and some Saudis in their file were added to their file.

It also expressed great concern for the health of Palestinian detainees in Saudi Arabia due to the spread of the “Corona” epidemic. The Euro-Med Monitor stated that another Palestinian residing in Saudi Arabia, his family lost contact with him last year, and since that time they do not know anything about him despite their repeated appeals to the authorities to disclose the fate of her son or his place of detention. The observatory demanded that the Saudi authorities immediately disclose the fate of dozens of Palestinians detained in the Kingdom, who were subjected to enforced disappearance without charges or violations. In the year two thousand and nineteen, the Islamic Resistance Movement in Palestine “Hamas” announced that Saudi Arabia had arrested dozens of Palestinians residing in the Kingdom, including a senior leader in the movement and his son, in a strange and reprehensible move.

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The detainees are divided into four political prisons in Saudi Arabia (Al-Ha’ir in Riyadh, Dhahban in Jeddah, Sha’ar in Abha, and Dammam Political Prison). The Hebrew Kan Channel announced that the arrests carried out by the Saudi authorities against activists and supporters of Hamas during the past months came after information that the Saudi security services received from their Israeli counterparts.

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