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Thursday March 26, 2020

Saudi Arabia and the Corona pandemic … isolating cities and extending the curfew

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Saudi Arabia on Wednesday tightened its measures to curb the spread of the new Corona virus, with its announcement of a second death, foremost of which is the isolation of cities and quarantine. Wandering in it for an additional four hours, for fear of spreading the infection with increasing cases of corona infection in various regions of the Kingdom.

The official news agency “SPA” said that the Saudi king, Salman bin Abdulaziz, agreed to “prevent entry and exit from the following cities, Riyadh, Makkah and Madinah, according to the limits set by the concerned authority.”

She added that it was also decided “to start curfews at three o’clock in the three cities, starting on Thursday, after it extended from seven in the evening until six in the morning in all parts of the Kingdom.

And Saudi Arabia has started implementing the decision to ban roaming across the country, as of last Monday evening from seven in the evening until six in the morning, and for 21 days.

After the decision, the pioneers of social media launched the “Curfew________________________________ Saudi Arabia in the direction of some activists who did not comply with the decisions issued by the Royal Court, the Saudi government, or the Ministry of Health, considering that recklessness of some may lead to a real catastrophe, as they put it, while fears prevail over The authorities underestimate the scope of the epidemic, which could worsen the situation in the Kingdom.

The authorities are trying to keep the curfew imposed on Saudi cities for a period of 21 days that have turned into ghost towns by preventing residents from moving and forcing them to adhere to homes and adopt quarantine to avoid infection with the virus, which has begun to spread widely in the kingdom, which is the worst country in terms of the epidemic among the Gulf states.

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The kingdom also decided to prevent the residents of its thirteen regions from “leaving or moving to another region.”

In addition, a spokesman for the Saudi Ministry of Health, Muhammad al-Abd al-Aali, revealed on Wednesday that 133 new cases of new Corona virus had been registered, bringing the total of 900 cases to March 25.

He announced the second death on the territory of Saudi Arabia due to this virus, to a resident whose Ministry of Health spokesperson has not revealed his nationality or the city in which he lives yet, but he said that he is 46 years old.

He called on the Saudi spokesman to leave the gatherings, including those in the homes, and said: “If it is necessary to sit in one place, you should stay away from some of the lowest distance, one or one and half meters.”

The Saudi Ministry of Interior announced, on its official account on Twitter, a set of sanctions that will be applied against violators to ban the curfew imposed to combat the Corona virus.

She explained that whoever violates the curfew decision will be fined 10,000 Saudi riyals, and this fine will double with repetition, adding that those who repeat the curfew violation for the third time will be imprisoned for a period not exceeding 20 days.

For his part, the spokesman of the Saudi Ministry of Interior, Talal Al-Shalhoub, confirmed that the violations are monitored by the security men on the roads, and not automatically, indicating that the violation of the curfew is recorded on the person and not on the vehicle.

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In a related context, the Saudi authorities in Baljurashi Governorate (southwest) urged all shoppers in one of the commercial markets to go to the nearest health center in the province to ensure their safety, after one of the arrivals infected with the Corona virus spit on shopping carts.

The governor of Baljurashi Ghallab bin Ghaleb told Gulf Rotana channel that the security patrols received a report on Friday from one of the citizens about the presence of an expatriate who was spitting on his hands and passing them on the shelves and vehicles in the market, and then the expatriate was arrested and accompanied by three others without his nationality.

Ghalib added that the municipality was instructed to close the market in order to protect the safety of shoppers, and to transfer the expatriate and his accompanying people to a hospital.

The governor explains that all 50 contacts with the expatriate were quarantined and taken samples from them under health control. The workers at the commercial center were also placed in quarantine, indicating that the issue is now with the official authorities to deal with it as a criminal case and will be announced later on its latest developments.

The incoming behavior, which the governor said was Asian, received angry reactions on the social networking site Twitter, and some demanded deterrent sanctions, while others asked about the motives behind the behavior of this Asian.

For the second time in a row, the Saudi government did not hold its regular weekly meeting, which falls on Tuesday of each week, due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

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Tuesday, the fixed weekly date for the government meeting, passed without any announcement of the meeting, the details of which are usually published by the official news agency.

The meeting was not officially announced canceled this week, which happened on Tuesday when it also passed without a cabinet meeting, while government decisions on measures to tackle the Corona virus were taking place.

The Kingdom had decided to stop Umrah trips from outside the country, stop the flights, suspended education in schools and Umrah rites, and closed major commercial and recreational centers to limit the spread of the virus.

Other Gulf countries took similar measures, while the six countries recorded 2483 injuries. Three people died in Bahrain and two in the Emirates.

Saudi Arabia topped the list of numbers diagnosed with the emerging coronavirus, after Qatar was leading the case numbers among the countries of the Cooperation Council.

The Health Council of the Cooperation Council detailed the number of injuries as of Wednesday evening, March 25, as follows:

Bahrain: 419 injuries

UAE: 333 injuries

Sultanate of Oman: 99 injuries

Kuwait: 195 injuries

Saudi Arabia: 900 injuries

– Qatar: 537 injuries

As for the world, Corona affected, as of Wednesday evening, more than 452 thousand people in the world, while 20,499 deaths were recorded. The spread of the virus forced many countries to close their borders, suspend flights, impose curfews, disrupt studies, cancel several events, prevent public gatherings, and close mosques and churches.

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