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Thursday January 14, 2021

Samsung will reveal two versions of the Galaxy SmartTag smart tracker

We are currently sure that Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag smart tracker will come soon, and what we knew is that we only have one version of the tracker, except that Leaking Released today from a powerful source who indicated that Samsung is planning to launch two different versions of this tracker, under the name Galaxy SmartTag and Galaxy SmartTag +

Galaxy SmartTag Tracker is coming in two different versions

According to the leak, the tracker is coming with the Privacy ID feature in order to recognize you and your identity – that is, the identity of its owner – in addition to that, it will support End-to-End encryption to preserve your privacy and the privacy of your devices. The tracker will link to Samsung Galaxy devices very easily on the other hand.

The tracker is coming in two versions, E1-T5300 and E1-T7300, which are the regular version and the Plus version respectively, and at the present time we know the specifications of the regular version, which are mentioned above, this is in addition to that the button on the tracker will be able to sound from the phone to locate it at any time. By pressing it twice!

Samsung is planning to reveal two versions of the Galaxy SmartTag smart tracker

The tracker will be able to determine the geographic location of the associated devices as well, and do not forget that Samsung has adopted the technology of connecting devices without the need to connect to the Internet, which is what we shared with you in the previous article “Now you will be able to find lost Samsung phones even if they are not connected.

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At the moment, we do not know what will distinguish the Plus version from the regular, but it will probably be an additional feature, nothing more! It is reported that the tracker is coming at $ 18, according to the leaks, and will be available in black, blue, green and a degree of brown.

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