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Thursday December 31, 2020

Samsung teaser video for the upcoming Galaxy S21 series

The Korean giant has published a new teaser video for the highly anticipated Galaxy S21 series, which will be announced in January.

The new teaser video from Samsung was launched today with the phrase “a new Galaxy phone waiting” to refer to the upcoming Galaxy S21 series, where the video clip lasted for 30 seconds, during which Samsung reviewed the changes in the design of the Galaxy S series so far.

Samsung also published a teaser clip indicating the new upgrade in the telephoto camera that supports the Galaxy S21 series.

According to leaks, the Galaxy S21 Ultra will include a periscope camera that supports up to 10 times zoom, with tele lenses that allow up to 3 times zoom.

Previous leaks also revealed that the Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus have a 64-megapixel camera, and these versions also support digital zoom.

It is noteworthy that the leaks that have come so far have indicated that Samsung is planning to officially announce the Galaxy S21 series at an event to be held on January 14, so we expect the launch of the Samsung event next month to learn about the technology and design of the new Korean giant in the Galaxy S series.


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