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Friday February 28, 2020

Samsung sells Galaxy Z Flip versions available within 9 minutes in China and an hour in India

Samsung is living happy moments with great demand for the foldable Galaxy Z Flip phone in the largest markets in China and India.

Samsung sells Galaxy Z Flip versions available within 9 minutes in China and an hour in India

Samsung announced almost two weeks ago about the Galaxy Z Flip foldable phone that carries a different design for the first generation, and it seems that the phone is met by a great demand in the largest global markets, especially in the Chinese market and the Indian market, which are a milestone for the phone companies. As the company was able to sell all copies available for pre-purchase in India within an hour, while it sold all the initial copies in China in just 9 minutes!

Samsung said that the quantity available for pre-purchase of the Galaxy Z Flip in India was sold out within an hour, and another group will be available.

While the company stated that the quantity offered for sale in China, the largest smartphone market, expired within 9 minutes of its presentation only.

The Korean company, in turn, did not talk about the size of the phones that it offered to pre-order and purchase in India and China, and therefore it is difficult to know whether the numbers of phones sold are very large or just a movement from them to increase the interest of users to play the factor of scarcity.

On the whole, the Samsung Z Flip is one of the latest innovations and at the same time the cheapest folding device available on the market.

Consequently, the price of the phone may contribute to more buying demand than last year.

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