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Tuesday October 20, 2020

Samsung returns to the top in smartphone sales with the decline of Huawei and the stability of Apple

It did not last long for Samsung to return to the forefront of smartphone sales in the world, surpassing Huawei, which returned to second place after snatching the lead for a temporary period in April according to recent market figures, while Apple’s results stabilized at the same market share and rose and Xiaomi’s results continued to grow steadily.

And according to a report by research firm Counter Point, Samsung was able to raise its market share to 22% by the end of August, to top the scene.

Huawei’s share declined from 21% at the end of last April to 16% at the end of August, to return to second place in the list of companies.

As for the third Apple, its results have witnessed stability in sales, with a market share of 12%, which may increase in the coming period with the iPhone 12.

On the same side, Xiaomi continued to grow steadily and managed to gain 11% of the market share in August, compared to 8% in April.

Huawei’s decline in the smartphone market comes with the continued US ban on the company and its decline in sales in the Indian market due to political skirmishes between the two countries, which is what Samsung exploited with launching various phones at affordable prices and changing its marketing strategy by launching pioneering benefits within the middle class phones, as well as launching F Series, to increase its market share in India from 16% to 26% within 3 months.

Also, the Chinese companies’ own competition with Huawei contributed significantly to the decline in their sales in favor of Xiaomi, Realme, Vivo and Oppo.

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