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Tuesday October 27, 2020

Samsung Display obtains license to sell display panels to Huawei

Samsung Display was able to obtain a license to start supplying screen panels to Huawei again, after the company was subject to US restrictions on September 15th.

Samsung has joined companies that are subject to US restrictions since September 15, as Samsung and LG cut off supplies of screen panels to Huawei, and today Samsung obtains a license to start selling screen panels to Chinese companies again.

Huawei has relied during the last period on both LG and Samsung Display to supply the screen panels for the Mate 40 Pro, and according to a Reuters report published today, Samsung is scheduled to supply screen panels to Huawei again.

On the other hand, Samsung has not confirmed its plans to start shipping screen panels to Huawei, as the United States requires that the entire supply chain obtain licenses to start trade with Huawei again, so the ARM hurdle remains one of the most important obstacles facing Huawei to return to production again.

It is reported that LG and SK Hynix companies have not obtained the license yet, along with the main company Samsung Electronics, but Huawei can rely on the screen panels of the Chinese company BOE at the present time, and Microsoft, Intel and AMD have also been able to obtain a license in Already earlier, so the computer sector in Huawei may continue to operate while some obstacles prevent the continuation of smooth production of Huawei smartphones in the coming period.


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