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Wednesday September 16, 2020

Samsung asks the US government to allow it to supply Huawei with screens

Last week, most international companies officially stopped supplying Huawei with hardware and equipment parts due to the US sanctions imposed on it, and Samsung was one of the most prominent companies that stopped supplying Huawei with parts and equipment mainly for smartphones, especially those related to memory cards and high-quality OLED screens. But the Korean company is now trying to preserve its relationship with Huawei.

According to the latest press reports, Samsung has submitted a request to the US government to allow it to supply screens to Huawei in the coming period under the ban.

The request came through Samsung Display, the subsidiary of Samsung, the parent and screen manufacturer, of which Apple and Huawei are their biggest customers.

Most companies stop supplying Huawei with smartphones because the US sanctions stipulate that any company in the world is prohibited from providing it with equipment or electronic parts or software in which American technologies or techniques and equipment developed in the United States were used, and thus this caused a heavy blow because most manufacturers obtained They have licensed some technologies from American companies or have even registered their patents in the US.

The decision of most companies to avoid any possible sanctions comes if they provide Huawei with any resources, especially since it is its largest customer in the United States.

The US government had stipulated its decision to prevent companies from dealing with Huawei except with a special license, which is what Samsung is trying to exploit.


Daily Express

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