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Sunday November 29, 2020

Salesforce seeks to buy Slack

News Now | United State – reuters

Salesforce is in talks to buy the workplace messaging app “Slack” as it seeks to expand its business offering.

According to Reuters, the “Salesforce” offer comes at a time when “Slack” is struggling to take full advantage of the shift to remote work that has been perpetuated during the virus pandemic. Corona New, in the face of fierce competition from Microsoft’s “Teams” service, and other business applications.

“Salesforce sees the potential acquisition as a logical extension of its firm’s offerings. It is not possible to know the price it offered to buy Slack,” the sources told Reuters.

According to Reuters, “Salesforce will pay cash for the deal, rather than using its shares as currency,” noting that “if the negotiations are concluded successfully, the deal may be announced before Slack announces its quarterly profits on December 9th.”

Slack’s shares jumped 24% to $ 36.58, giving the company a market value of $ 21 billion, while Salesforce shares fell 2.7%, after the Wall Street Journal initially reported that the two companies had They talked about the deal.

Slack has benefited from the growing reliance of companies on IT systems to keep their workers in touch during the pandemic.

According to the “Sensor Tower” application analytics company, the “Slack” application has been installed about 12.6 million times so far since the beginning of this year, an increase of nearly 50% compared to the same period in 2019.

However, the economic repercussions of the outbreak of “Corona”, forced “Slack” to give discounts and payment discounts to many of its customers who had to make cost reductions.

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In an effort to save money, some companies have also switched to Microsoft’s Teams service, which is available as part of Microsoft’s office software package.

As Slack’s revenue growth slowed, Salesforce was booming financially during the pandemic, and it raised its annual revenue forecast last August, as the pandemic increased demand for online business software that supports work and telecommuting.

Salesforce boosted its cloud business through acquisitions, and spent more than $ 16 billion last year as competition intensified with companies such as US Oracle and German SAP.

Amidst the multitude of digital breaches … How do you keep your data confidential on the Internet?

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