Do you have an idea about the salaries of working in South Africa? Let’s get acquainted together with them, the annual increases and the factors that are affected by them, in addition to the wages that this country gives to many well-known professions.

South Africa ranks among the countries with one of the largest economies on the continent, as well as being an industrial country par excellence, but despite this, unemployment in South Africa is high and is one of the highest in the world, it has a reserve of semi-skilled and unskilled workers and the majority of owners are preferred Employing South Africans in particular.

However, in industries that suffer from shortages, international demands from highly skilled individuals are encouraged, and projects that benefit the state and bring in profits are supported.

Work Salary in South Africa

Work Salary in South Africa

In South Africa, an employee earns an average monthly salary of R31,100 or R374,000 annually. According to the exchange rates, this equates to an average income of 24,169 USD per year.

Noting that ((1 US dollar = 14.60 South African rand)).

Knowing that the average South African national salary depends on several factors such as education level, type of job, job title, work experience and sector (public or private).

For example, public sector employees in South Africa earn an average gross wage of 7% more than their private sector counterparts across all industries.

However, the average annual salary in South Africa can fluctuate due to:

  • government wage policies.
  • The average capacity of unions to bargain wages.
  • cost of living.
  • Demand for specific skills.
  • Workplace.

Annual salary increases for work in South Africa

In fact, employees in South Africa receive a salary increase of approximately 8% every 18 months and across all occupations.

Below are the annual salary growth rates in various industries

  • Banking 3%
  • 6% energy
  • IT 9%
  • Healthcare 3%
  • travel 6%
  • building 9%
  • education 3%
  • real estate 9%

Of course, annual salary increases in South Africa vary with years of experience,

Below is the average annual salary increase based on experience level

  • Beginner level 3% – 5%
  • Middle career 6% – 9%
  • Senior level 10% – 15%
  • Senior management 15%-20%

Work salaries in some South African cities

Bloemfontein in South Africa offers the highest average salary of around 363,000 rand per year (US$23,410), followed by Cape Town and Durban.

Here are the annual salary estimates for the most lucrative cities in South Africa:

  • Bloemfontein 363,000 rand
  • Cape Town 435000 rand
  • Durban 415000 Rand
  • Johannesburg 400,000 rand
  • Port Elizabeth 377000 Rand
  • Pretoria 393,000 rand

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Salaries for occupations in South Africa

Doctor salary in South Africa

Doctors salaries in South Africa range from R26,900 per month (minimum average salary) to R124,000 per month (maximum average salary).

While the average salary is about R70,300 per month, which means that half of the doctors earn less than R70,300 while the other half earn more than R70,300.

dentist salary in south africa

The average salary for a dentist is 40,000 rand per month in South Africa, which equates to about 480,000 rand per year.

Whereas, the starting salary of a dentist starts at around 438,000 rand per year. Salaries for experienced dentists can reach R2,880,000 annually.

pharmacist salary in south africa

A pharmacist with less than two years of experience gets R25,100 per month.

A pharmacist with two to five years of experience earns R32,300 per month.

If the level of experience ranges between five and ten years, then the salary will be 44,500 rand per month.

In addition, pharmacists whose experience extends between ten and fifteen years receive a salary equivalent to 55,100 South rand per month, and after fifteen years of experience the average salary is 59,100 rand.

nurse salary in south africa

A registered nurse in South Africa earns an average annual income of around 207,400 rand. Depending on the nurse’s skills, number of years of experience, the city she works in as well as her employer, this annual income could rise to about 319,300 rand.

lawyer salary in south africa

In South Africa a lawyer at the beginning of his career with less than a year of experience can hope to earn around R225,000 per year, and after a few years of experience (1-4 years), the average salary rises to R308,000 per year. Whereas, the average corporate lawyer salary peaks at around R555,000 annually with nearly 10 years of experience in his or her career.

The fact that when a lawyer gains experience, he is promoted in his work and this leads to an increase in his salary schedule.

engineer salary in south africa

The average salary of an engineer in South Africa is about 378,000 rand per year which equates to about 194 rand per hour. Salaries at the beginning of an engineer’s career start with a salary of R258,000 annually, while most experienced engineers reach R4,319,997 annually.

Teacher salary in South Africa

Work Salary in South Africa

The average salary for primary school teachers is around 194,000 rand per year, or just over 16,100 per month.

Among us, for secondary school teachers, the average salary is around 232,385 rand per year.

As for private education, the average salary for teachers is just over 300,500 rand per year for primary and secondary school teachers, which is roughly equivalent to about 25,000 rand per month.

And this number can change dramatically based on the school and qualifications, with some of the most prestigious private schools paying teachers much more especially if they have extra duties around sports, extra-curricular activities or boarding schools.

Salaries for different occupations in South Africa are estimated in US dollars

Postdoctoral researcher $22,206

Interior designer $19,597

Office Manager $2,373

Systems Administrator $25,159

Web Developer $21,827

Administrative Assistant $11974

Receptionist $6077

Treasurer $3,964

Waiter $3,194

Content Marketer $63,441

Fashion designer $57,377

Executive Assistant $41,320

Data Analyst $48,043

Project Manager $52,412

User Account Management $43,379

Web Designer $28716

Production manager $44,464.

The truth is that finding a job here is not always easy for international workers, however, South Africa has a long list of in-demand occupations, so if you have the skills and qualifications to fill the void, you can build a career in this multicultural country, and earn a salary that secures your life. generous here.

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