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Friday June 26, 2020

Safari will allow logging in to websites via fingerprint or face

The concept of authenticating identity without passwords began to receive increasing attention from technical companies, but the practical application of it will start more strongly with the entry of Apple with a Safari browser on the line, so that you can log in to your accounts on the sites via a fingerprint or face via an iPhone without the need for a password.

Apple joined the FIDO Alliance to quickly authenticate user identity earlier this year. But with Safari 14 it will officially support the standard.

This means that soon you will be able to use Face ID or Touch ID to log in to your various accounts on the sites via Safari. You can also use real physical protection keys that support the FIDO standard.

Currently you can access iPhone applications through these methods of authenticating identity through the keychain feature, but it is now new to support sites through the Safari browser.

This new feature will be available with the release of the latest iOS 14 later this year.

It is reported that Google had supported logging in without a password in Chrome on Android last year, and the FIDO2 standard also supported Mozilla and Microsoft via Edge.



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