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Monday February 24, 2020

Safari browser will stop supporting old HTTPS security certificates

Apple announced that it will stop supporting security certificates obtained by sites to adopt the HTTPS protocol, which has a long shelf life of more than 13 months.

HTTPS certificates operating on the TLS encryption standard provide sites with secure and encrypted communication with the user, protecting their data.

Apple will start implementing its new policy late this year, and any security certificate issued on after September 1, it gives it a validity of no more than 398 days, and if it is valid for a longer period, Safari will reject it.

This means if you visit a site with an HTTPS certificate whose validity period is longer than 13 months, Safari will show you a privacy warning. If you are a site developer and want to obtain a long-term security certificate, it must be issued before September 1.

Many major sites usually get a two-year security certificate, and now you will have to give up their security certificate and get a new one that is 13 months old at most.

It is noteworthy that the major sites previously obtained long-term security certificates of up to 5 years, but two years ago the maximum became 825 days.

The goal of this policy is for sites to always obtain a modern security certificate that uses the best encryption standards.

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