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sad horse (Sad horse virusIt is a rare virus that returns again to terrorize the world and occupy the media. It is a virus that infects the brain and can cause meningitis, and it may cause death in severe cases, and the German government has recently announced the emergence of 3 infections.

This was not the first time in Germany that infection with this virus appeared. It first appeared in the nineteenth century. It is a virus that infects human brain tissue and causes symptoms and complications that may be dangerous, but it may also infect animals such as foxes, dogs and horses.

What is Borna disease or sad horse?

Scientific name of the disease

Deadly sad horse virus

Other names Borna virus, porna, BDV
disease classification Neurological Disease
Treating medical specialty Neurologists
Symptoms of the disease Fever, muscle pain, nerve damage.
degree of disease spread rare
Medications Not specified, and antivirals such as ribavirin may be useful in treating it

The reason for the name sad horse disease

The reason for the name sad horse disease
The reason for the name sad horse disease

The sad virus has been famous since the nineteenth century, and when it spread among horses and infected them, a large number of them were killed, so it was called the fatal sad horse disease, as infection with this disease affects the brain and causes headaches and difficulty in movement, and the horse appears in it as sad and rickety, and the case may reach inevitable death because there is no A completely effective treatment for this disease.

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Causes of sad horse disease

Sad horse disease is due to one of the rare viruses that infect humans and animals, and warm-blooded animals are considered the target of this virus, as it often infects horses and foxes as well as dogs, and this virus is called Borna or BDV. Saliva is a good carrier of this virus and any contact between a healthy person and an infected person in this way transmits the disease.

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Factors that increase the risk of disease

Sad horse disease is a deadly and fatal disease if the inflammation reaches the brain membranes and turns into meningitis. In this case, the symptoms increase in severity and the disease becomes fatal. Among the most important factors that increase the risk of disease are the following:

  • The spread of disease among a large group of people.
  • Communication between sick and healthy people.
  • Direct contact with infected animals.
  • Transporting infected animals from one place to another without taking the necessary precautions.
  • Overcrowding and overcrowding of people in the areas of injuries and not isolating the injured.
  • Patients’ use of public transportation.
  • Refrain from washing hands, especially when handling animals.

Signs and Symptoms of Sad Horse Disease

Signs and Symptoms of Sad Horse Disease
Signs and Symptoms of Sad Horse Disease

The most important signs and symptoms of sad horse disease that affect the sufferer greatly, whether human or animal, are as follows:

  • Significant increase in temperature.
  • difficulty moving
  • Tension and confusion.
  • Damage to brain and nerve tissue.
  • behavioral changes
  • muscle pain;
  • Back Pains.
  • Headache and severe headache.

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Complications of sad horse disease

Complications of sad horse disease
Complications of sad horse disease

Serious complications of the disease appear to patients with the passage of time and the lack of appropriate treatment and the failure of the patient to respond to it. Injury to the brain and nerves is one of the most important serious complications that may lead to the death of the patient if it is not dealt with correctly. It is certain that the disease reaching meningitis is dangerous and is considered It is a complication that portends a worsening of the disease and its arrival to the last curve.

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How is sad horse disease diagnosed?

The disease can be diagnosed from a set of symptoms that may affect the patient, including difficulty of movement and extreme heat, as well as headache, dispersion and lack of focus, and its spread and discovery of cases in an area is an indication of the presence of other cases, but if the matter is mixed with the treating doctor, virus analyzes can be used through which knowledge and confirmation are made The condition of the patient.

Sad horse disease treatment

So far, there is no effective treatment for this disease like many viral diseases, and dealing with symptoms remains the master of the situation, and some antivirals can be used that may work in some cases, according to what the treating doctor determines, and there is no vaccine for this virus.

Medicines used in the treatment of Borna disease

  • Antiviral drugs.
  • pain killers.
  • ribavirin;
  • Medicines used to treat meningitis.

Vaccines used to prevent it

  • A group of vaccines that are used to prevent brain diseases.

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When should you get emergency medical help?

When the patient reaches a dangerous situation, emergency medical help must be obtained, as the patient may reach a critical situation that may lead to his life, brain cell injury may cause fainting and unconsciousness, and the patient may not be able to move due to muscle weakness, and any dangerous indicator cannot be controlled. The average person requires this help.

How to prevent sad horse disease

The means of spreading infectious diseases varies, some of them are transmitted through touch, others through breathing and there are other ways, and saliva is the most common means by which this disease can spread, and since it may be transmitted from animals to humans, the methods of prevention are as follows:

  • Stay away from the affected animal.
  • Avoid mixing and leaving a distance between people so that the infection does not spread through breathing.
  • Wash hands well when touching animals, especially infected ones.
  • Avoid touching animal saliva to avoid any viral or bacterial infection.

Celebrities with Borna disease

The news of the emergence of the deadly sad horse disease spread in Germany, and the German government announced the presence of 3 cases, but this disease was in the past and there are two cases annually recorded three years ago, but the matter is kept confidential, but there must be an imminent danger for this was announced About its spread now, and at this time, the Corona virus (Covid-19) has begun to recede, and the name of any celebrities who contracted the sad horse disease have not been recorded until this moment.

Frequently asked questions about Borna virus

Is sad horse disease fatal?

Yes, symptoms may develop to be fatal.

Does the patient recover from the disease of the sad horse?

Yes, but the symptoms remain effective in the long term.

Is there an effective vaccine for the disease of the sad horse?

There is no specific vaccine for this disease, but some vaccines may protect against fatal symptoms and brain damage.

cause sad horse diseaseSad horse virusBorna virus, which is a dangerous virus if it reaches the brain, causing meningitis, and thus may affect brain tissue and cause nerve damage, and there is no effective treatment and definitive solution for this disease, but antivirals may treat it, and some vaccines may protect cells The brain from damage and protects the person from infection.