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Saturday August 1, 2020

Russian Ambassador: The balance of power changed 4 years ago in Syria

The World – Syria

Turning specifically to the Syrian field and talking about Idlib, Zasbekin confirmed, in an interview with Al-Mayadeen channel: “I cannot comment on the military side, when we established the” Astana Path “with the participation of Russia, Turkey and Iran and in coordination with the Syrian authorities, we worked on this basis in several regions In Syria, according to the idea of ​​areas of stress reduction. “

He pointed to the American presence and instability in the north of the country, in addition to the position of some external parties and countries of the Cooperation Council that refuse to normalize the situation and the reconstruction in Syria.

He added: “What remains is Idlib, and we apply the same method of cooperation between the parties and the basis of the Astana path, where we cooperate with the Turkish side through joint patrols to monitor the situation, and the Syrian position is clear that it wants to recover all these lands,” of course this case is temporary and must end with restoration Syrian sovereignty and the elimination of terrorists. “

He explained that “the balance of power in Syria has changed, since 4 years ago the balance of power was in the interest of the terrorists, and this terrorist situation allowed other forces to enter the line, including the American coalition, and we are asking the American forces to leave, and there is a difference between entering by a decision of the Syrian government and entering by a decision Self. “

The ambassador emphasized that “Russia, from the first day, adheres to some constants, including non-interference in the affairs of the Syrian people, concerned with the election of its leadership. As for the relations between the two presidents, Putin and Assad, they are good. Also, the relations between the institutions of the two countries and the two armies are good relations, and there is cooperation in all fields whether fighting Terrorism, restorations, reconstruction, or the humanitarian sphere.

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The ambassador touched on the “great maritime offer”, in which the mighty ability of the Russian naval fleet was embodied, and this presentation took place in several cities and was in St. Petersburg and in Tartous, Syria, which is of great importance because it is the strategic location in the Mediterranean, and the Russian naval presence in this region Necessary and serves stability. “

Regarding the new sanctions against Syria and the blockade imposed by the “Caesar Law” on it, Zasbekin pointed out that “the idea of ​​influencing sanctions was used by America during decades, against Russia, Venezuela, Cuba and Iran, and the essence of this idea is always starving the people, meaning that it must This people affected by the sanctions to stand against the existing system, this scheme is now for all countries. “

He pointed out that “Caesar’s law is broad and comprehensive, and it affects other parties because Syria has been under sanctions for a long time. Foreign companies are today targeted by this law, which is a preemptive battle against the possibility of establishing a relationship by a Western or Arab party with Syria, and reconstruction comes in the degree The first. “

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