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Sunday September 20, 2020

Russia: Militants in Idlib plot chemical provocations

The World – Syria

The deputy head of the Reconciliation Center, Alexander Greenkiewicz, said during a press briefing held today, Sunday, that the information received talks about the armed men of the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham organization, whose backbone is the former terrorist al-Nusra Front, to carry out provocations using toxic materials in the southern sector of the region. De-escalation in Idlib.

The Russian officer added that the militants intend to fabricate chemical attacks in the city of Jericho and the town of Bassamis, in order to accuse the Syrian government forces, later on, of using chemical weapons against civilians.

Greenkiewicz indicated that preparations are underway, according to the available information, in the places of the expected provocations to be photographed, with the participation of “White Helmets” activists.

The Russian Reconciliation Center called on the leaders of the armed factions to “refrain from military provocations and follow the path of political settlement in the areas under their control.”

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