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Saturday May 23, 2020

Running out of medical masks in Tunisia

The World – Tunisia

On Friday, the head of the Tunisian Syndicate, for the owners of private pharmacies, Mostafa El-Arousy, said that the single-use surgical masks, which are priced at 500 mm, have been sold out at wholesale suppliers and in most private pharmacies.

Al-Arousi explained that on May 2 this year, the central pharmacy and the Ministry of Commerce pumped 5,000 single-use surgical masks, provided that the market is provided with an additional amount of subsidized in a later period, stressing that most of them have been exhausted and the remaining quantities of them continue to be sold at varying prices, which is what It conflicts with the interest of the citizen, according to his statement.

It is expected to inform the Ministry of Trade of the depletion of surgical masks in order to provide the necessary quantities of this type of masks supported in pharmacies, in addition to providing the market with multi-use masks, indicating that multi-use masks are sold in many stores other than pharmacies in light of the abundant demand for them and high prices Surgical respirators, although not sure whether they meet the health requirements.

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