Ruling poems and proverbs

  • Ali bin Abi Talib says:

Putting on the robe of patience when disaster strikes

And be the owner of the dream in every scene, for the dream is nothing but the best cheek and companion

And be a keeper of the covenant of the righteous and a shepherd, and taste from the perfection of preservation the ranks of the bars.

And be thankful to God for every blessing He thrusts you over the abundantly talented

And a person is only where he makes himself, so be a seeker of people in the highest ranks.

  • Ali bin Abi Talib says in patience:

If you ask me how you are, I am patient with the uncertainty of time, a cross

He is keen to not see depression in me, so that a bad person or a lover is offended.

And in you enclosed the greater world

Your medicine is in you and you do not feel and your cure is from you and you do not see

And you think that you are a small crime, and in you the greater world is contained

And you are the manifest book in whose letters the implied appears.

  • Among his rulings in this world and the hereafter:

The soul cries over the world, and it knows that safety in it is leaving what is in it.

There is no home for a person to inhabit after death except the one that he built before death.

If he builds it well, his dwelling will be happy, and if he built it with bad luck, the builder will be disappointed.

Where are the kings who were ruled until he made her legs drink the cup of death?

We collect our money for the inheritors, and we build it up to the ruins of eternity.

How many cities on the horizons were built yesterday in ruins, and death came close to them

For every soul, even if it is overwhelmed by death, hopes that strengthen it.

A person simplifies it, and time seizes it, and the soul spreads it, and death folds it.

The most beautiful judgment and poems

  • Abu Firas Al-Hamdani says in Al-Fidaa:

I called you to my sore eyelid, and to the little homeless sleep

And that is not a miser in life, and it is the first to be offered by the first to be devoted.

But I would choose the death of my father’s children over horses without a pillow.

So not everyone who desires, His Majesty, can attain it, and not everyone who is driven to glory is guided.

  • He wrote from families:

I was taken prisoner, and I was not accompanied by solitude in the midst of a battle, nor my horse a dowry, nor my Lord was overwhelmed.

But if a person’s judgment is protected, then he has neither land nor sea to protect him.

And my companions said fleeing or escaping, and I said, “They are two things, the sweeter of which is bitter.”

But I am going for what does not disgrace me, and only two matters are sufficed by you, the best of which are family.

  • Judgment of Gibran Khalil Gibran:

And happiness in the world is nothing but a ghost that is hoped for, and if it becomes a body filled with human beings

Like a river it runs on the plain, swells, so that when it comes it slows and turns

People are not happy except in their longing for the impenetrable.

If you meet happy while he is turning away from the impregnable, then tell the lessons of his character.

  • Gibran says about good and evil:

Good in people is made if they are forced, and evil in people does not perish even if they are buried

Most people are machines that are moved by the fingers of eternity for a day and then break.

Do not say that this is a scholar of knowledge, and do not say that this is the distinguished master.

The best of people are flocks, with the voice of the shepherds moving, and those who do not walk are perished.

  • Gibran’s verdict on death:

And death on earth for the son of the earth is a conclusion, and for the ethereal it is the beginning and victory.

Whoever embraces in his dreams magic will remain, and whoever sleeps all night will be erased.

Whoever adheres to the soil while awake, will embrace the soil until the blossoms subside.

Death is like the sea, whose elements are light, traverses it, and the brother of weights descends.

Poetry verses – popular proverbs

  • Abu al-Tayyib al-Mutanabbi says:

If you venture into the honor of Marom, do not be content with anything less than the stars.

So the taste of death in a lowly matter is like the taste of death in a great matter

  • Al-Mutanabbi says about the nature of people:

And not killing the free people is like pardoning them, and who is yours with the free hand that saves the hand?

If you honor the generous, his queen is rebellious, and if you honor the mean, he revolts.

  • Popular proverbs from the poetry of Abu Al-Atahya:

I wept over the youth with tears in my eyes, but neither weeping nor weeping sufficed.

I am sorry for a young man who has lost his gray hair and a lush head.

I was naked from the youth, and it was as tender as a stick of paper.

Would that the young man would come back one day and tell him what the old man has done

  • Examples from the poetry of Abu Tammam:

Move your heart wherever you want with passion, love is only for the first lover

How many homes in the earth does a boy ever know and nostalgia for the first home

The Randi stay in the lament of al-Andalus says:

Every thing has a deficiency, so let no one be deceived by the goodness of life.

These are the things as witnessed by countries whose secrets have gone bad for times.

And this house does not keep anyone and does not last in a condition that is significant.

The most beautiful of what was said of judgment and proverbs

  • Abu al-Qasim al-Shabi says:

If I aspire to a goal, I rode sperm, and forgot caution

I did not avoid the roughness of the reefs, nor the blistering blaze

Whoever is afraid of climbing mountains will live forever among the pits.

  • Imam Shafi’i says:

If the dinars are useful, if you pay them, make your Messenger as long as you live with dinars.

It’s two days old…

Eternity is two days: that of security and that of danger, and living a life of peace and distress

Do you not see the sea, carrion rises above it, and the pearls settle at its very bottom?

And in the sky there are stars that are not counted, and only the sun and the moon are eclipsed.

If you are confused about two things, and you do not know what is right or wrong.

So deviate from your desires, for passion leads souls to what is reproached.

  • Al-Shafi’i Al-Ilm says:

Science is the plant of all pride, so be proud and beware of missing out on the pride of that planter

And know that knowledge is not attained by anyone who cares about food or clothing.

Except for the brother of knowledge by which he is concerned whether he is naked or clothed.

So make for yourself abundant luck from him, and leave his good sleep and frown.

Perhaps one day, if you attended a council, you would be the president, and that council would be proud.

Ruling poems and proverbs