Ruling on watching TV

The scholars of the Islamic nation explained that the ruling on television is related to how it is used, so if it is used for good, it is permissible, and if it is used for evil, it is forbidden. Good and Evil; The Muslim must remember the Almighty’s saying about wine: (They ask you about wine and the facilitator.[1] Where alcohol is forbidden because its sin and harm are greater than its benefit.[2]

Television is a double-edged sword

The nation’s scholars have demonstrated the validity of the statement that “television is a double-edged sword” in two specific cases. The first is that there should be a single party that has the right to broadcast what is suitable on television, where it broadcasts only the beneficial and the beneficial, and the second: that there is one person who controls whether the television is turned off or on, and there is no doubt that the first case does not exist except for a little; Because the channels that broadcast Al-Nafi’ alone are few compared to the rest. As for the second case, it is also rare. And on the aforementioned, television includes a number of evils; Such as wasting time, neglecting duties, pornographic films, indecent images, and immoral scenes, etc., and it has few interests; Such as beneficial programs, access to news, and one of the rules of Sharia is that: “Preventing evil takes precedence over bringing benefits.” But the ruling may be prohibition; This is due to the presence of many evils, and it may change and become permissible, or even recommended, in the event that the channel is limited to the dissemination of the beneficial.[3]

Disadvantages of watching TV

There is no doubt that watching films that are broadcast on television includes many legal prohibitions, and among those prohibitions is that it includes uncovering faults and spreading corrupt beliefs, and the scholar Sheikh Ibn Baz explained the danger of television, explaining its many damages to the belief of Muslims and the morals of society, through that machine broadcast images It spreads bad morals that contradict the good morals of Islam, so it is necessary to close the doors that lead to these evils.[4]

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Ruling on watching TV

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