Ruling on eating pork

The scholars of the Islamic nation are unanimously agreed that it is forbidden to eat or benefit from pork, and to eat all parts related to pork. From bone, fat, or spleen, given that the whole pig is unclean and all of its parts are forbidden. The scholars have inferred the ruling on the prohibition of eating pork from the Holy Qur’an and the Prophetic Sunnah, from the Book of God Almighty saying: “The dead, blood and meat are forbidden to you.”[1] It also came in the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet forbade pork, along with alcohol, idols, and dead meat.[2]

Ruling on one who eats pork knowing that it is forbidden

If a Muslim eats pork while he is aware of the ruling that it is forbidden, and intentionally eats from it without being forced to do so, then by doing that he is disobedient to God Almighty and he must hasten to repent from this sin.[3] But if a Muslim eats pork while he is unaware that it is, then there is no repentance or penance for him, but he only has to get rid of the traces of the impurity of the pig; Then he washes his mouth and rinses his mouth, but if a Muslim realizes after a period of time that he has eaten pork, nothing will result from him.[4]

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Ruling on eating pork

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