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In this article, you will know the Islamic Sharia ruling on the ruling on day trading forex in Islam, what is the ruling on currency trading? Is currency trading halal or haram? Working on the Internet is among the things that have imposed themselves on the world absolutely. All economic fields have a close relationship with the Internet. The same is the case with Islamic societies, which in turn are making the Internet the best way to earn money.

Since these Islamic societies are framed by Islamic law, the question that arises strongly in all Islamic forums is whether daily trading is permissible or forbidden in Islam? Therefore, the site Halal Trading Brokers is working to explain and clarify the idea for the public in order to trade in Halal and avoid Haram.

What is an Islamic trading account?

It is well known that the Islamic trading account is an account that is free from usurious interests, whatever their forms and types. Whether the contract is open for a year, a month, or even for a day. Absolutely from Islamic Sharia, if this account does not receive any usurious interests and does not perform any other form of transactions that violate Islam, then it is an Islamic account. In the case of the opposite, the account is an account that is not in line with Islamic teachings, and it is not correct to call it the Islamic account. Among the advantages of the Islamic account, we also mention

  • It does not include any usurious transactions or interest whatsoever.
  • Elimination of rollover fees on positions of more than 24 hours There is no delay in trades but trading continues during official market sessions.
  • That the Islamic account respects the provisions of Islamic law.
  • Avoid both fraud, scam.
  • Long-term deals without the risk of reducing your profit rate, due to the lack of swap commissions.

A distinguished broker that guarantees you a halal profit

Through in-depth research in revealing the truth of the ruling of Islam about daily trading, whether it is investing your money online, whether it is in stocks, foreign currencies or digital currencies. You may find many gossip about the topic. We found that many Muslim investors emphasized the day-to-day trading of halal in Islam through a distinguished broker who knows the difference between halal and haram. Also, the important role played by this broker is to offer you the best services without imposing any fees or interests that include usury, which is prohibited in the Islamic religion. Through the experiences of Islamic investors, we found that many of them recommend Halal Trading Brokers. As the best distinguished broker at the present time, which provides you with many services, most notably earning money by trading in halal, which is in line with Islamic Sharia.

How do I know a halal broker?

Quite simply, a halal broker is an uncle of Islamic financial institutions that care for all Muslims who work in forex trading or other famous platforms. These companies are helping the trader. It provides them with many advantages, for example opening accounts for them without calculating any usurious interests prohibited in Islamic Sharia. These companies, which act as an intermediary between the trader and the trading companies, dispense with any usurious benefits for starting trading, and the beautiful thing is that even if the contract is for one day, the broker will give you all the benefits that may result when calculating the daily interest.

Ruling on day trading according to Islamic law works in order that Muslims avoid earning haram through trading. Since the usurious interests that a trader earns by making of this money money is forbidden in the Islamic religion, and many foreign brokers do not differentiate between the forbidden and the permissible. That is why the site is considered Halal Trading Brokers. It is among the best platforms that every Muslim can rely on for day trading and earning halal money. As the site may serve as a reliable intermediary and a reference that you will rely on in order to earn a halal income that respects the provisions of the Islamic religion.