bribery rule

God Almighty has forbidden bribery, and the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, cursed both the briber and the briber, and the prohibition of bribery increases if it constitutes harm to others or erodes their rights. taking a bribe while taking public money; He must return the money to the state treasury,[1]Taking a bribe is considered illegal, and it is a major sin, and the perpetrator is considered to be consuming illicit and forbidden money, and thus affects his morals, behavior and religion.[2] The people of knowledge explained that if the owner of the right is not able to take his right except by paying the bribe, it is permissible for him to pay the bribe and it is not forbidden for him; On the one who took the money from him,[3] The wisdom of prohibiting bribery is to defend the rights of the general public, and to preserve the interests of society.[4]

Elements of bribery

Bribery has several pillars, namely:[5]

  • The briber: The one who pays money to obtain a benefit, or to subsidize a falsehood.
  • The bribe: the one who benefits from money or benefit from others; To convey a right to the briber, or to assist him with an unlawful interest.
  • The briber: the one who seeks between the briber and the bribed to achieve their interests.
  • Bribery: It is the benefit or money that is given with the aim of the briber doing the desired interest.

The effect of bribery on society

Bribery has many harms and effects on society, including:[6]

  • The spread of vice and loss of virtues.
  • Injustice of members of society to each other, through infringement of each other’s rights by theft, bribery, fraud in transactions, perjury, betrayal, injustice and aggression.
  • A cause for the wrath of the Lord.
  • A reason for the spread of enmity and animosity among people.
  • Bribery is one of the causes of the general punishments of society, and if sins spread in society, it was a cause for the disintegration and division of society, the interruption of affection and love between people, and the lack of cooperation in doing good.

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bribery rule

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