Husband insulting his wife

It is forbidden for a Muslim individual to insult and insult his Muslim brother, as this is a major sin, and the text of this was mentioned in the Book of Al-Zawajir by saying: “The great ninety-nine and ninety-first: insulting a Muslim and taking a long time in his honor, and causing a person to curse or insult his parents, even if he did not insult them and cursed a Muslim.” Insulting a Muslim is one of the forms of immorality, and the sin increases if the husband insults his wife, and she has a right over her husband in addition to the rights that are obligatory on Muslims in general, as the command was mentioned in the Holy Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet to associate with the wife with kindness and righteousness, and also that the husband’s beating of his wife is a major sin. Sins, meaning that it is forbidden, and this was mentioned in the Book of Al-Zaajir: “The Great Fifty-First One: Exaggerating the weak, the slave, the slave girl, the wife and the animal, because God – the Most High – has commanded kindness to them,” in accordance with the words of God Almighty: (Worship God and do not associate others with Him. …and your oaths have not possessed[1] Islam has worked to enhance the status of women, and grant them honor and dignity, and therefore the jurists have stipulated that it is permissible for a woman to ask for divorce even if her husband beat her only once.[2]

marital rights

Husband’s right over his wife

Islam has placed a number of duties on the woman towards her husband, some of which are explained below:[3]

  • sexual intercourse; The wife must empower her husband by herself, and if she does not, the angels will curse her, and it is not permissible for her to disobey her husband’s order in seeking intercourse without a legitimate excuse, since the wife is commanded to obey her husband in not disobeying God.
  • The wife should not leave her husband’s house without his permission, without preventing the wife from going out for necessity, kinship ties, and other things that are in the interest.
  • No permission to enter the house for those who do not consent to the husband entering it.

The right of the wife over her husband

Islam enjoins a number of things on the husband towards his wife, among which are mentioned:[4]

  • Alimony, even if the wife is rich, and it is stipulated that the woman enables her husband to support herself, and alimony is not required if she is rebellious.
  • Good behavior with the wife, and not bad manners with her, but kindness and gentleness with her.
  • Accommodation on the ability and ability of the husband.

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Husband insulting his wife

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