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Saturday January 18, 2020

RTX 2060 price reduction by nvidia

Reduced RTX 2060 to compete against AMD cards!

Reduced RTX 2060 price by nvidia 1

Officially, the RTX 2060 was lowered by NVIDIA as a response to AMD graphics cards specifically aimed at the middle class. The new price for RTX 2060 is approximately $ 300, but of course always with price cuts there is a trick.

To start with, you should know that the card that has been reduced in price like this is the RTX 2060 card in its official version or the Founder Edition, which is officially issued by NVIDIA, and that this reduction was made on the first cards of RTX 2060 and not RTX 2060 Super cards as we know it. The most powerful currently in its class.

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This price reduction is supposed to apply to all cards that operate on the RTX 2060 chip, including the cards of some manufacturers, but you can expect to gradually reduce the price of cards from other manufacturers until it reaches this price for lower copies, of course you can expect that there are some differences in prices For higher copies in refrigeration and better cooling, this is normal and expected.

Of course this price reduction comes as a direct response to the AMD RX 5600Xt card that comes at $ 280 for the initial version of it, these cards come and target 1080p resolution with a frame rate of 30 frames per second, although there are some cards that may be better than the RX 5600XT.

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We hope to see this reduction also with the issuance of the leading cards from AMD as a direct competition and an attempt to set prices and make them more reasonable.


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