Eid al-Fitr

Eid Al-Fitr is the first Eid for Muslims and comes after fasting the blessed month of Ramadan, and it is a joy that God Almighty has bestowed upon us, and Muslims bring the Eid closer to each other by exchanging congratulations, visits and kinship ties, and we are all looking for phrases and words that express our sincere feelings to congratulate each other. Happy Eid Al-Fitr to you.

Romantic Msjat for Eid Al Fitr

  • Eid is love and happiness, life tones to start a new life, and every year you are sweeter.
  • Eid al-Fitr is fragrant with longing and tenderness, a feast that breathes the nectar of feelings, and a feast inhabited by waves of longing.
  • To you, my love, I present the sweetest flowers, and the wildest birds, and I say to you your birthday is love and flowers.
  • Eid Mubarak full of love and romance for the sweetest eyes in the universe.
  • Before the congratulations of thousands and crowding of letters, I dedicate you, my dear, with all my heart, nine letters. Eid Mubarak, and every year and you are my love.
  • Every year and your love is in my blood, and every year and you are good.
  • Eid Al-Ghala and the word Hala, Eid Al-Ward and great friendliness, Eid longing, my beloved, you are full of taste.
  • Happy Eid, O good soul and balm wounds. Happy Eid, O beautiful feeling and sweetest people.
  • I present to you the fragrance and colors of roses, and send an answer with the title of congratulating you on the arrival and days of Eid.
  • My arteries are narrowed, my veins are clogged, and my groans are suffocated when I have the feeling that Eid will come and you will not be by my side.
  • O pigeon, my soul and tell him I long to see him, and with the best congratulations I give him and congratulate him and say every Eid and you are happy.
  • Happy Eid and long life, new clothes, iron health, and greetings to my only beloved.
  • Eid is a joy that does not complete without your presence, and Eid is a joy that is only sweetened by your proximity. Happy New Year.
  • I dedicate the sweetest bouquet of flowers, its fragrance, to the most precious people who have passed through my mind, a morning as bright as the pure radiance of your souls, and an Eid al-Fitr that smells of roses.
  • Oh dearest lover, a new Eid is on the doorstep and my tears, by God, are on the edges. I have decided to forget the blame without guilt and without reasons, and I will give you the sweetest message, and I hope you will hear the answer.
  • O Ward, who will buy you and the lover will guide you and say Happy New Year.
  • Every year, your feast of my love, my highest feelings in my life.
  • The best things about Eid are three: the abundance of good deeds, the exchange of visits, and the reader of these phrases.
  • It is not important that you are far away, the important thing is that you are fine, and the most important thing is that you are my life and that you are the first and the last.
  • I am writing from the heart a book on Eid al-Fitr, my loved ones. I say: Happy New Year.
  • For the sweetest moon, perfume and flower with a card that says Eid Mubarak, dearest human being, I saw you.
  • I put you in my heart, and I congratulate you on your testicles, and on the people I boiled you on Eid Al-Fitr. I congratulate you.
  • Every year and you are the source of light to my heart, every year you are the source of joy to my soul, and every year you are my love.
  • Where are you my love and my self, where are you, my star of my life, and where are you, my most beautiful feasts.
  • far? I love you, yes I love you for sure, Eid Mubarak, my heart’s desire and happiness.

Words for Eid Al-Fitr

  • My heart and I congratulate you on the feast, Illi Schovtk Eid.
  • Ramadan is gone and Eid is inside, so who do we console and those we congratulate, may Allah accept from us and you, and Eid Mubarak.
  • May Allah accept your fasting and your happiest days and happy new year.
  • I ask God to accept it from us and from you and to unite us with you in the highest paradise.
  • I was not able to say it to anyone before you, neither myself nor my heart obeyed me. I loved that you are the first to hear it. Happy New Year, my eyes.
  • I tried to race people and send you with the threads of the sun diamonds, and I say to you every year and you are fine, the torch of tenderness and sensation.
  • Congratulations, full of roses and fluff, I send it before Eid, so that I can be before everyone else.
  • A special morning for the dear ones, fragrant with pepper. We send it only to the sweet ones and we say them from the pilgrims.
  • May God accept your obedience and complete your joy on Eid and acknowledge your eyes with the victory of your nation.
  • I ask those who brought back the feast and folded the deceased month to give you a long life and make your life a feast.
  • A bouquet of roses on the advent of Eid, scented with oud, for you, O owner of generosity.
  • Because you are my first and last love, and because you are not and people are not, I say to you every year and you are fine.
  • I canceled all appointments so that I can be with you on Eid and say in a whisper every year and you are happy.
  • Every Eid and goodness is your path and your path, and the smile never leaves your lips, and the paradise of my Lord is your abode.
  • Eid has returned, and I and you are far away, we are separated by countries and seas, and Eid has returned and I wished you happy, even if Ali was unjust.
  • My Lord made you the lover of all, and Eid al-Fitr with joy and congratulations on Eid al-Fitr, especially for you, before everyone else.
  • In my heart there is longing and love, and in the look of my eyes there are words that tell you every year and you are fine, and Eid without you is darkness.

Phrases for Eid al-Fitr

  • Eid is not from wearing new clothes, but Eid is from security of threat, Eid is not for one who wears luxurious clothes, but Eid is for one who is safe from the punishment of the Hereafter, not for one who wears slaves, but Eid is for one who knows the way.
  • Express delivery A bouquet of roses and a whisper of love for the dear one on Eid, make his days a feast.
  • O message, Sairi ride the clouds and precede him, and deliver a mobile phone from me that is absent, and open it to him, my line of Eid messages and his longing, and bless him before all the people on Eid Al-Fitr and his joy.
  • Eid without you worries and vexation and your proximity here is my soul and I saw you.
  • Eid is completed by God’s acceptance of the work and you see it with the eyes of the child and it is complete if the reunion is complete.
  • I say to myself when I greet people when I see you complete the joys of my Eid.
  • Tomorrow Eid and I hope you are happy and remain in my heart alone and give him the gift of Eid.
  • I am not the first to congratulate, but I have the kindest word for them, the most sincere of them with feelings, and the kindest phrase for them. I choose my letters with perfection, not because I am the creator of the word, but because I will address it to the one for whom the camel is bent for joy that it came to him. I congratulate you on the advent of the happy Eid.

Romantic Msjat for Eid Al Fitr

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