There are many users who are looking to buy NVMe M.2 storage units in exchange for SSD units because of the performance that can be obtained up to 5 times better, and there are ultra-fast units up to 7500 MB for the 4G interface and 3500 MB for the 3G interface there Units of medium and economical category also with less attention to the aesthetic form, unfortunately, which makes the matter different here with units that provide lighting RGBIn this review, we will review the XPG Spectrix S20G 1TB storage unit with an area of ​​​​1 TB of XPG, RGB lighting and a metal heat sink, which comes at a price of 130 dollars, and let’s see what performance it offers against other units

The unit comes in a red box with the company logo on top, the features that the unit supports, and in the middle is a picture of the product with RGB lighting, and at the bottom is the unit model and storage space In the back, we find a model for the unit and a reference to the support of the third generation interface at a speed of up to 2500 MB per second for reading and 1800 MB per second for writing. This information was mentioned in other different languages, with the indication that the warranty of the unit is up to 5 years

XPG Spectrix S20G 1TB Box (2)
XPG Spectrix S20G 1TB Box (3)

When opening the box, we find the storage unit securely installed without movement in a transparent plastic part. Nothing else is available with the unit. Its diffuser is pre-installed on it.

XPG Spectrix S20G 1TB Box (5)
XPG Spectrix S20G 1TB NVMe SSD (2)

On the back there is a sticker with the disc model and the product code, indicating that it was manufactured in Taiwan

XPG Spectrix S20G 1TB NVMe SSD (1)

The dimensions of the unit are 22.1 mm wide, 80 mm long, 7.55 mm thick and 10.4سمك in weight This unit can be installed in a 2280 M.2 socket and you need to get its maximum speed by working on PCI-e Gen3 speed at 4X to provide read speed up to 2500 MB and write up to 1800 MB

The unit uses an ene 6K5830UA0 lighting controller, and the lighting patterns can be controlled through different motherboard programs and synchronize lighting with other parts such as memory, motherboards, graphics cards, etc.

The unit comes with a metallic cooler on the light gray exterior with the XPG logo and semi-transparent white parts to pass the light and diffuser useful if your motherboard does not have cooling for NVMe M.2 storage units

XPG Spectrix S20G 1TB NVMe SSD (3)

The controller here is from Realtek, which is Realtek RTS5766DL with Micron 3D TLC NAND memory chips, the unit can withstand a temperature of up to 85 degrees, but to maintain its speed it needs to work at less than 70 degrees, it consumes power in idle mode at an average of 0.038 watts with RGB lighting and less with its shutdown and a maximum reading of 6.2 watts and writing of 5.8 watts also the expected life is 480 TB writing to the disk or 2.00 million hours and the company gives 5 years warranty on the unit

XPG Spectrix S20G 1TB RGB (3)
XPG Spectrix S20G 1TB RGB (1)
XPG Spectrix S20G 1TB RGB (2)
XPG Spectrix S20G 1TB NVMe SSD (4)

Display : Samsung Odyssey G9 Super UltraWide
Case : Thermaltake View 51 ARGB
Motherboard : Aorus Z590 Master
CPU : Intel Core i9 11900K
Cooler : GamerStorm Castle 360EX
Memory : Kingston Predator RGB 4x8GB 4600Mhz CL19
GPU : Aorus GTX 1080Ti Xtreme Edition

PSU : Thermaltake Toughpower XT 1275W Platinum

Through our experiments on the XPG Spectrix S20G 1TB SSD M.2 unit, it provides good on a medium performance unit for the Gen3 interface. It provides a better reading and writing level than the economic unit such as ADATA Falcon at better temperatures while providing a better aesthetic shape with RGB lights, as the unit did not exceed 58 degrees degrees with violent use, which are better degrees than the RGB units that we tested previously, and we expect that this is due to the unit sacrificing high speed levels to keep the unit at good temperatures, so the reading speed reaches 2467 MB reading and 1633 MB writing, which is the average with the unit being used mainly as a system unit Employment

XPG Spectrix S20G 1TB Box (1)
NVMe SSD Benchmarks Q2 2021 (1)
NVMe SSD Benchmarks Q2 2021 (2)
NVMe SSD Benchmarks Q2 2021 (1)
XPG Spectrix S20G 1TB Test System

The XPG Spectrix S20G 1TB storage unit offers a great aesthetic as it is the main goal of the unit while maintaining great temperatures with violent and frequent uses as dealing with large files The problem here is the price, it is against a good number of high-performance units even from XPG itself at speeds up to 3500 Megabyte to read, which is the case with the XPG Spectrix S40G unit, but with uncomfortable temperatures with average uses, so yes, it is a difficult equation to mix shape, performance and heat, which the S20G unit offers of shape and heat in exchange for performance sacrifices, but with the need to reduce the price a little to add a good price advantage Also to the equation.

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