The Internet first appeared in 1969 in the United States of America, as a result of a project by the Advanced Research Projects Agency, known as ARPANET, and the Internet connects millions of public and private networks, whether in private institutions, government institutions, or business institutions. , or in institutions of global or local scope, and the Internet is characterized as carrying a large and huge set of data, information, services, and communications that are based on several benefits for humans, and the Internet is present in all languages ​​of the world.

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The word Internet is an Arabised scientific name. It is also known by several names, including the name of the World Wide Web, the net, the network, and the international network. There are many definitions of the Internet, including the following:

  • The Internet is a network of global communications that allows people to exchange information that travels across continents, and communicate with each other as if the whole world had become a small village.
  • The Internet is a group of networks that are connected by a large number of large global computers.
  • The Internet is known as fast lanes of information.
  • The Internet is a type of network.

Internet applications

  • Search engines, such as Google search engine.
  • Email, used to exchange important emails and files, such as Yahoo email.
  • The Internet, the World Wide Web.
  • Conferences and meetings in the transmission of its image and sound as a live broadcast.
  • Websites, such as Mozzarella’s website.
  • Social sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Online universities and distance learning.

Internet benefits

  • Providing fast communication technologies across the world.
  • Use it in all educational fields, spread knowledge, and follow up on everything new.
  • Attending conferences and seminars remotely, via the Internet.
  • Calling for good, and responding to bad suspicions.
  • Get to know the conditions of individuals and their country.
  • Find good friends.

Internet disadvantages

  • Bad use of Internet sites, especially children’s use and exposure to many bad things.
  • Wasting time in their entertainment, wasting their education.
  • Some people suffer from health and psychological diseases as a result of sitting for a long time in front of a computer screen, such as dehydration in the eyes, and frequent joint and back pain.
  • Reduces social relationships between family and friends.
  • Isolation of individuals from societies.
  • Neglecting worship and performing it on time.
  • Spreading vice, racist ideas, beliefs, infidelity, and atheism.
  • People are accustomed to laziness and inactivity.
  • Influence on a person’s culture, customs and traditions.
  • Blind imitation of bad individuals and infatuation with them.
  • Communication and imaginary relationships.
  • Learn the personal secrets of others.
  • Internet addiction, depression.

Research the Internet, its benefits and harms

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