It is a sport that is widely spread all over the world, and it is a game loved by everyone, and it is not limited to a particular person. The rich and the poor, male and female, play it, regardless of their customs, nationalities and genders. In the game of volleyball, two teams compete in play, separated by a net, one wins, the other loses, or they may be tied.

When a volleyball game is held, there are four referees: the first referee is in control of the whole game, the second is opposite the first referee, and his task is to monitor the course of the game, the third is the referee of the condition, and the fourth is the one who announces the final result of the match.

The game of volleyball appeared in 1895 AD, at the hands of the Director of Physical Education in the YMCA, and its name was Mintonet, and in 1947 AD the first World Federation of Volleyball was established, and in 1964 AD the game of volleyball was included in the Olympic Games, and the first country to practice volleyball was the United States There is a sport similar to volleyball, which is beach volleyball.

Basic rules of the game

  • A volleyball team must have 12 players, six players, six reserves, as well as the coach and the doctor.
  • To have leadership, and the responsibility of the team rests with the coach, and the captain.
  • Points, and the team earns them in multiple ways, by throwing the ball over the net and touching the opponent’s ground, and they earn a point if the ball is thrown outside the playing field by the other team, and they earn a point if the other team makes a mistake, and they earn a point if the other team gets a penalty.
  • How to play, by blocking the ball, and throwing it to win.
  • The ball should be of medium size, neither small nor large, and light in weight.
  • The shape of the playing field shall be rectangular, with a length of 18 meters and a width of 9 meters.
  • pitch grid; Its length is 7.5 m, its width is one meter, and on its side are two rods with a length of 2.80 cm.

Volleyball players skills

The team must possess a large number of skills, in order to ensure the team’s success and victory, and these skills are: preparation of bringing the ball to the team and preparing it, defending from top and bottom, passing from bottom and top, intelligence in sending and receiving, and having the power to hit the ball, The blocking wall, the ability to cover the hitter.

Mistakes made by volleyball players

Players sometimes make several mistakes, which are:

  • Passing or touching the field line when serving or blocking the ball.
  • Touch the net separating the two teams.
  • Hold a volleyball in hand.
  • Rotate incorrectly.
  • Exceeding laws and public morals.

Research about volleyball

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