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Report on the most important cities in Belgium

Belgium is located in Western Europe. It is bordered by France, the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, and the North Sea. The political system of Belgium is a federal constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system. It is one of the six founding countries of the European Union, and its capital Brussels hosts the Council of the European Union and the European Commission. And parliamentary committees, as well as other international organizations such as NATO, and Belgium covers an area of ​​30,688 square kilometers, and a population of 11413,203 people, we will review here a report on the most important cities of Belgium, the beautiful European country.[1]

The most important cities in Belgium

The city of Louvain

Louvain is one of the largest cities in Belgium, with 101,400 inhabitants, and it is a city located in the French-speaking part of Belgium, where this Belgian city is located in the east of Brussels, and besides being one of the largest cities in Belgium, Louvain is also a historical city. Its establishment dates back to the end of the ninth century.

The city of Ghent Ghent

It is one of the largest and most beautiful cities in Belgium, with a population of this charming Belgian city of 260,341 people, and the center of Ghent is characterized by the presence of a fortified castle between its paths. Ghent is located in the northwest of Belgium and covers an area of ​​151 km2

The city of Charleroix

Charlera is one of the largest cities in Belgium, an industrial city where all battles have taken place and is characterized by the presence of coal, minerals and car construction. Surrounded by the large city, the diverse factories are scattered everywhere, and tourists from all over the world come to enjoy the relics of the old industrial age. And watch the Charlera Tower, with a population of 201,816 people, and Charlera ranks third in the largest cities in Belgium.[2]

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The city of Liège

The city of Liège is one of the most important cities in Belgium, with a population of 197,355 people. The population density in Liège is about 2,900 people per square kilometer in the civilized region. Liege is the fourth largest city in Belgium in terms of population.


Brussels is the capital of Belgium and its largest city, with a population of less than 180,000, the Belgian capital, which ranks fifth in the ranking, but Brussels and its surrounding area have 1.2 million people, and this makes Brussels the de facto most populous city in the country.


The city of Schaerbeek is located on the outskirts of Brussels, with a population of more than 133,000 people. It is a famous city located on the borders of the cities of Brussels, San Jose, Ever, Saint Lambert and Etterbeek.

The city of Anderlecht

Anderlecht is similar to Schaerbeek, on the outskirts of Brussels. The city has more than 118,000 people, and the area of ​​Anderlecht is 17.7 km2 , And its population density is 6,700 people per square kilometer.

Belgium Bruges

Bruges occupies a privileged place in Belgium, because the architecture of the ancient city has not changed for nearly a century, and for this reason Bruges can be proud of being one of the most beautiful cities in Belgium, with a population of 118,000 people, and Bruges is ranked eighth in the list of the 10 best cities in Belgium.

The city of Namur

It is one of the largest cities in Belgium, Namur is located in the center of Belgium, about sixty kilometers from Brussels, forty kilometers from Charlera, and with less than 111,000 people.

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It is the most populous city, it has one of the largest ports in Europe in Belgium, and when you see the pictures of the large commercial port of Antwerp completely empty, it is difficult to imagine that this city is the largest city in the country, but thanks to its population of 523,248 people, Antwerp It is truly the first city to rank Belgium’s most populous city.

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