Ink spots are attached to the hands of some people as a result of the nature of their work in offices or at school, such as teachers or students. These spots are difficult to remove even after washing hands thoroughly with soap and water. They need special methods to remove them, and fortunately they can be cleaned easily by following some different methods. Below, we will mention some of these methods and methods to help do that.

How to remove ink from the skin

There are many ways to get rid of the ink stuck to the skin, including the following:

fast ways

  • Using nail polish remover (acetone): by placing a little polish remover on a clean piece of cotton, then wiping it on the trace of ink, and gently rubbing until it is completely removed, and repeating the ball if necessary, and be careful not to use it near the eyes or the mouth.
  • Rubbing with alcohol: This method has the same effect as nail polish remover, and it is used by placing some drops of alcohol on a small piece of cotton and gently rubbing it on the skin until the ink is removed, and if the ink is on the face, be careful not to contact the alcohol with the eyes and mouth.
  • Use of hand and face cleaning wipes: These are wipes that contain an amount of alcohol and help remove ink effectively, but care must be taken when using them on the face.
  • Using baby oil: Or it can be replaced with olive oil, both of which are able to remove some of the traces of ink, but not all.
  • Using sugar: You can use sugar with any of the previous methods to rub the ink with it. This method helps remove dead skin cells from the area and thus remove the ink.

Comprehensive methods

  • Use a tablespoon of bleaching powder or any type of dishwashing liquid available, and mix it with an amount of water in a clean bowl.
  • Put a little of the mixture on the ink-stained area, and rub it well using the hand, or if the person can tolerate the pain, rub it gently using a jelly loofah.
  • Wash the area with warm water, and if there is any remnants of ink, repeat the ball again until it is completely removed.
  • Taking into account that these methods may not completely remove the ink, it eventually needs some time to remove it.

other ways

  • Do not panic if the ink is not removed immediately, in the end it will be possible to clean it. With time, the skin cells die and are removed by exfoliation, and in this way the skin is cleaned of the ink on it.
  • Use of cosmetics: especially if the ink spot is on the face and cannot be removed, so it is good to cover it with cosmetics.

remove ink from skin

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