Breastfeeding helps burn belly fat and remove the rumen, especially in the first months after natural birth, because women who are breastfeeding burn additional calories in order to make milk, so they lose more weight gained during pregnancy than women who are not breastfeeding, and despite this, many face many Breastfeeding mothers have a problem with losing the last 2.3-4.6 kilograms of their weight, and this is because the body retains the extra fat in the body so that the breast milk is produced more effectively and efficiently.[1]


The postpartum rumen can be eliminated through exercise, and this is done by practicing mental activities such as yoga, in addition to physical activities that focus on the stomach muscles in order to burn additional calories in the abdomen, and in general, the rumen can be significantly eliminated after childbirth through Doing rigorous exercises, such as aerobic and movement exercises that focus on the abdominal area.[1]


Walking is one of the simple ways used in the process of removing the rumen and maintaining physical fitness after childbirth, for this it is recommended to go to a certain walk and walk in a picnic place in order to obtain amazing results after birth, and for diversification, you can walk backwards or walk in a zigzag pattern in order to keep the muscles of the body in activity status.[2]

control of food

Healthy food products must be chosen, and foods containing high levels of sugar, calories, and saturated fats should be avoided, and this is done by reading the nutritional labels attached to the foods being purchased, in addition to the need to eat fewer calories that cause fat to be stored in an area The abdomen, but you should pay attention, a person may suffer adverse results when eating very few calories suddenly, because this slows down the metabolic processes in the body.[3]

the reviewer

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Removal of the rumen after natural childbirth

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