It is the process of recovering waste and used materials, then sorting them, reusing them, and converting them to other new materials and tools, and these new tools are usually of lower quality than tools produced from new, unrecycled materials, and it is called recycling in English: (Recycling). Among the materials that can be recycled: paper, wood, cloth, plastic, glass, and rubber, such as: rubber tires that are recycled and converted into other rubber materials, and metals, such as: iron, steel, aluminum, and even water are considered materials recyclable; Wastewater can be purified and reused.

Recycling date

Some studies indicate that man has practiced recycling since ancient times, but the recycling that he practiced was primitive and different from the recycling we know in our time; The human being was melting some metallic materials, and converting them into new tools. The process of recycling has spread greatly in the second half of the last century, as large investments were made in it. In 2014, the contribution of the European Union countries to the global share in recycling and the industries resulting from it was estimated at: 50%; In the European Union, there are more than 60,000 recycling companies, and they employ more than 500,000 people.

The importance of recycling

There is no doubt that recycling is of great importance, and its importance is economic and environmental. It preserves natural resources, reduces their depletion, reduces the amount of waste, reduces its growth, preserves the environment and purifies it from some harmful waste, reduces unemployment, and creates new job opportunities.

recycling methods

Recycling can be done individually by trying to take advantage of some of the discarded materials that the individual does not need, such as: using plastic bags collected at home in packaging and storing some things, and they can be used in waste bins. Other examples of recycling methods include using old pieces of clothing and cloth and turning them into towels or mops. Buttons, belts, and zippers on some of those clothes can be kept and reused when repairing other clothes. Food waste can be recycled, by feeding it to some domestic and domestic animals, such as: cats, rabbits, and sheep, and these wastes can be used in the manufacture of organic fertilizers.

From the above is what is related to the individual rotation that ordinary people can do, but there is an organized rotation carried out by specialized companies and certain government agencies; These companies and authorities deploy recycling bins in cities and residential neighborhoods, then empty these bins, take what is in them periodically, and then recycle them in their factories and laboratories.

recycling methods

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