Child’s loss of appetite

Many children suffer from a loss of appetite, which leads to the anxiety of parents who seek to feed the child against his will for fear of contracting diseases, but these attempts fail, and parents may give their children medicines that help open the appetite, but this is not the appropriate solution for children; Because it leads to side effects on the child’s health, so there are natural recipes that increase the child’s desire to eat healthy foods, and in this article we will mention some recipes to open the child’s appetite.

Recipes to open the child’s appetite

Dates and milk

Dates and milk are foods that help open the appetite of children, as dates are soaked with milk for about five to six hours, then the child eats and opens his appetite to eat more food. Dates and milk are rich in minerals, vitamins, protein, sugars, iron, and fatty substances. And amino acids, and their presence together is one of the best nutrients, with caution that diabetics use this recipe.

the ring

The boiled fenugreek drink is one of the drinks that increases the child’s ability to eat, and we prepare the drink by placing a spoon of the fenugreek in a cup of water, and leave it to boil on the fire for a quarter of an hour, then filter it, and we can add honey or sugar to give it a sweet taste and the child drinks a cup of fenugreek with honey Or with sugar half an hour before lunch. There is another recipe from the fenugreek, so we plant its seeds in small pots, and children can eat them after germination, and it is very encouraging to open the appetite in children.


We add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or grape vinegar to a green salad, or we add half a tablespoon of vinegar to a glass of water and drink it at intervals while the children are eating the meal, which increases appetite and encourages eating more food.

star anise

Anise granules are among the herbs that increase the child’s desire to eat; Because it contains volatile oils that help digestion and improve appetite, and the drink is prepared by placing a tablespoon of star anise in a glass of water, and let it boil on the fire for ten minutes, then filter it and drink it twice, one after breakfast, and the second after dinner to improve digestion and open appetite. for them


Onions are a vegetable that opens the appetite, in addition to many benefits such as cleansing the intestines and stomach, killing microbes and germs, and adding it to children’s food or salads to open their appetite.


Thyme is one of the plants that increases appetite and the desire to eat and also strengthens immunity. It is prepared by adding a little thyme to food by spreading a teaspoon over it, or mixing thyme with olive oil or a little sesame oil and eating it with bread, and it can be added with spices in food.

Recipes to open the child’s appetite

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