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Monday May 25, 2020

Realme Watch is a cheap copy of the Apple Watch

The Realme Watch, which had been awaited, was launched by the president of the company earlier this year. Which appears similar to the Apple Watch. In fact, it’s almost the same design as the Apple smart watch but without the circular dial on the side that the Apple watch is famous for. But is it good? Let’s talk a little more

What do we know?

  • Good watch, very cheap.
  • The watch can be considered as a more fitness tracker
  • New watch at approximately $ 50

Realme Watch specifications

This watch has a 1.4-inch screen protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 TFT layer with a resolution of 320 x 320. With a 160mAh battery that supports wireless charging. IP68 water and dust resistant. Full body, also plastic

Realme watch more sporty tracking device?

Realme Watch cheap version of Apple Watch 1

The new watch holds many training modes. Including Cricket, swimming, running, calf riding, acrobatics, and various other training modes. But at the same time, the watch does not carry the ability to download external applications. Don’t have the ability to answer calls. Not quite like a smart watch.

I can say that everything that the watch does is found in a smart bracelet like the Mi Band 4, but the Realme Watch excels more in more training modes. And of course the size of the screen with some additional sensors.

Realme Watch price

The smart watch comes out at exactly $ 52. And it’s very cheap. No smart watch at this price. It could be that, as I said, it is not a smart watch in a correct sense. It is closer to the sport bracelet. But at a price of 52 dollars. You get the name “smart watch” and that is a very good thing. A good choice if you think about it

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