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Sunday November 22, 2020

Razvan between the hammer of “Corona” and the “derby” anvil

The Romanian coach seeks to defeat his difficult circumstances before the “King’s Cup”

Last September, the Romanian Razvan Lucescu, Al Hilal coach, faced difficult circumstances when he was leading his team on his AFC Champions League campaign, after the outbreak of the new Corona virus among his team members quickly.

Despite the difficult conditions that the Al Hilal team went through, Razvan survived infection with the Corona virus despite the number of infected people reaching 30, including players, administrators and technicians, although he was suspected of being infected at the time, before the other sample that was withdrawn showed his safety from infection.

And now, the battle is renewed between Roman Razvan and the Corona virus; However, the situation here moved from injuring his players to injuring him personally, and his departure from leading his team Al-Hilal several days ago.

On November 16, Al-Hilal announced that Romanian Razvan Lucescu, coach of the first football team, had been infected with the Corona virus. He is currently undergoing health isolation, in accordance with the medical protocols approved by the Ministry of Health.

Razvan will be absent from his team’s match against his traditional rivals Al-Nasr tomorrow night (Monday) in the fifth round of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Professional League. His first assistant, Italian Christian Bacchi, will take over the leadership of the team.

Razvan will return to lead Al-Hilal again in the final of the King’s Cup, when the meeting between the two traditional rivals is renewed on November 28 as expected, and according to medical protocols approved by the Football Association, and Lucescu will undergo a medical examination after 10 days from the date of his injury, and in the event of recording a negative result. He will be able to return to training and lead his blue team, and his return before the King’s Cup Final match.

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Razvan Lucescu, who achieved the historic double for his team Al Hilal, when he combined the AFC Champions League title and the Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Professional Cup League, is looking forward to leading his team Al Hilal to achieve the King’s Cup, and won the unprecedented historic triple at the level of Saudi football.

Lucescu, who stands in front of decisive days for the career of his metropolitan team, the Corona virus has once again become a stumbling block in its way, but he is looking forward to overcoming these circumstances and leading his team to come out with the largest gain from the two matches that bring him with his traditional rivals victory, within a few days in the league and the cup.

Al-Hilal scored a positive start in terms of results under the leadership of its coach Lucescu, who explained that the level was not according to aspiration due to insufficient preparation for the exceptional circumstances that everyone went through, and the short period of time between the past and current seasons, in addition to the circumstances that the Hilal team was exposed to in particular; Represented by the infection of a large number of his players with the Corona virus.

Despite the circumstances that the blue team went through, it succeeded in regaining some of its distinctive levels before the last suspension period, in its match against Damak and then Accord, in the third and fourth rounds, before continuing its preparations during the suspension period in search of a return to the level that was missing a while ago Current downtime.

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On his personal level, Razvan is looking forward to continuing to lead his team Al Hilal to preserve the title it achieved last season. As the capitalist team tops the league standings list with ten points, which is the same number owned by the youth team and shares the lead.

In terms of derby encounters, Roman Razvan led his team Al Hilal in two matches against his traditional rivals Al-Nasr, last season; Where he lost his first match with two goals to one goal in the confrontation that brought them together at the King Saud University Stadium, and in the second confrontation, Lucescu succeeded in leading Al Hilal to achieve a broad four-goal victory over his traditional rivals Al-Nasr, in the match that was held at King Fahd International Stadium in the capital, Riyadh.

In the next few days, the meeting will be renewed between Romanian Razvan and Portuguese coach Roy Vittoria, coach of Al-Nasr team, but the first confrontation will witness the absence of Al Hilal coach due to his infection with the Corona virus, and he will supervise the match remotely, which will be led by Italian Christian Baci, his first assistant, while Lucescu will return to lead his team in the Copa del Rey final.

Lucescu is seeking to get out of these two confrontations with the largest amount of gains, so winning over victory in the face of the league will give him the lead and expand the point difference between him and his opponent last season to nearly ten points, and winning the King’s Cup final will lead him to the unprecedented three-way history, and increase his list of achievements with a team Crescent moon.

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