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Monday March 1, 2021

Ramallah: The occupation uses religious holidays to escalate attacks

The World – Palestine

The Foreign Ministry added that “these attacks have been repeated in Tel Rumeida in Hebron and the areas adjacent to the settlements that are crowded on citizens’ lands in many Palestinian areas, which coincided with the Jewish celebrations of Purim, which is not surprising.”

The ministry clarified that “on every occasion and every Israeli celebration, we witness a number of attacks on the Palestinians and their property, and every time more than one Israeli official comes out with a package of” justifications “to underestimate these attacks and place them under the banner of” unilateral actions “and” the actions of marginal boys. ” And other pretexts and flimsy justifications to cover up the settlers’ crimes against Palestinian citizens, in an attempt to conceal the fact that these elements are organized groups spread along the length and breadth of the West Bank, enjoy the support and protection of the political and military establishment in the occupation state, and continue to commit their crimes by relying on a judicial system that provides them with the necessary immunity as part. It is an integral part of the occupation system, as it often directs accusations and abuses the Palestinian victim, and opens the doors to escape and legal protection in the face of the perpetrator, the elements of Jewish terrorism. “

The ministry condemned the “continuous terror of the occupation army and settlers against the Palestinian citizens, their land, property and sanctities,” and considered it “an organized state terror that invokes suspicious international silence and the failure of international institutions and their abandonment of their legal and moral responsibilities towards these crimes and those behind them.”

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