Boost children’s immunity

A large number of children are exposed to frequent health disorders and problems such as: colds, colds, ear infections, etc. If this indicates anything, it indicates a low immunity of their bodies and a weak resistance to diseases. The following is a list of the most important measures that can be taken in order to strengthen children’s immunity.


Breast milk contains: proteins, sugars, and fats necessary for the growth of the child, in addition to containing white blood cells and antibodies that strengthen the child’s immunity and make him more able to resist diseases. It is noteworthy that UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO) recommend continuing the period of breastfeeding for the child For half a year, then partially breast-fed him for another year, as it was noted that children who are breastfed are more exposed to pneumonia, influenza, and otitis media than children who are breastfed.

Eat fruits and vegetables

Paying attention to the quality of food provided to children increases the immunity of their bodies and their resistance to diseases. Examples of foods that are useful in this regard are: beans, apples, oranges, broccoli, carrots, strawberries, cantaloupe, sweet potatoes, and others, taking into account that fruits are provided And vegetables for the child in a manner appropriate to the age of the child.

Get enough deep sleep

The child needs a certain number of hours depending on his age. Newborns, for example, need eighteen hours of sleep per day, while twelve-year-olds need approximately eight to ten hours. Attention should be paid to the quality of sleep that the child gets, such as providing A well-ventilated environment, and also a dark period of sleep, where studies have indicated that sleeping in the dark increases the production of melatonin, which acts as a powerful antioxidant, thus protecting the body from diseases, especially malignant ones.


Accustoming the child to exercise daily for about half an hour increases the strength of the immune system, and the best way to motivate and encourage the child to perform exercise is for the father and mother to be regular exercisers, so they are an example to follow in practicing this healthy habit, and examples of sports That the child can exercise: cycling, jogging, walking, swimming, tennis, and others.

Daily exposure to the sun

As exposure to sunlight activates vitamin D in the body, and strengthening this vitamin in the body increases the child’s immunity and his ability to resist diseases. It is indicated that there are a number of diseases whose occurrence is linked to vitamin D deficiency, such as: asthma, and various Autoimmune diseases.

Boost children’s immunity

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