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Tuesday November 24, 2020

Rabiei: Requests to reopen offices and the presence of foreign companies in Iran have increased

World – Iran

The Iranian government spokesman, Ali Rabiei, said during his weekly meeting with journalists that calls for reopening offices and the presence of foreign companies in Iran have increased dramatically, adding that foreign companies are more willing to invest in Iran. As some seek permission to reopen their offices, while other companies exist and have not closed, this company will definitely have more opportunities to attend.

Rabiei stressed that Iran, given its distinguished position regionally and internationally, and its special social position with its skilled workforce and cheap energy resources, is undoubtedly one of the most attractive places for foreign companies to invest in Iran.

Regarding the repercussions of the closure plan that was recently followed in the country to combat the spread of the Corona virus, Rabiei said: The new closure plan was able to reduce the number of people infected with Coronavirus and those arriving to hospitals, as the number of travelers in public transport, including the subway in Tehran only, was reduced. To 300 thousand passengers.

Asked whether Pompeo claimed that the maximum pressure campaign against Iran has been successful and that all options remain on the table, the government spokesman said: “The worst secretary of state in the history of the United States knows that maximum pressure on Iran is nothing but a defeat and a shame for For him and America, but to this day they refuse to accept this defeat due to arrogance and myopia.

He continued, “It is not necessary to remind this bankrupt American government that there are no options on their table and they have reached the end of the road. The truth is that the history of these failed policies and their designers has ended, and we do not care about these empty rhetoric.”

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