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Thursday November 12, 2020

Questions and answers related to travel to Makkah for Umrah in light of the Corona pandemic

in a Framework Preparations Which You are taking The kingdom Arabic Saudi To return Rituals Umrah again distance Hang it up Ago Month March/March Puppies Restrictions Imposed To reduce From spread pandemic Corona, Announced Saudi It Will allow To resume Umrah During three Phase And she was may be Started in a the fourth From October/October the first Stage First To allow when Reaches to me 6 Thousands From Citizens And residents Aliens in a The kingdom Perform Rituals Umrah He followed in a 18 October a plus preparation Allowed Out To perform Rites Up the number to me 15 a thousand Umrah, As for Stage The third She included Allow For citizens Aliens From the outside To travel to me The kingdom To perform Rites Ago the first From Nov/October The second For this The year Synchronized With upload energy Absorptive to me 75% As a limit Maximum Which Allow when Equivalent 20 a thousand Umrah And the60 a thousand People To perform Prayer in a The sanctuary.

And taken The presidency the public Affairs The mosque forbidden And the mosque Prophetic Measures Precautionary Aggravating To combat Spread virus Corona While Allow For pilgrims Prayer in a The sanctuary Makki And visit Feelings Holy And the city Munawara, Done Installation Devices To measure Degree the heat Umrah performers And set Monitors Healthy For groups From 20 to me 25 Umrah And perform Rites On Form Regiments organisation And streak. It is required From Umrah performers Optin To wear Gags And commitment With spaces Spacing Social This Addition to me Operations Sterilization Incessant For the mosque Which Inform ten Times Daily And procedure Cleansing Before Login Each regiment And he came out, as such Will be block Access For stone the black And initialize Places Especially Isolate Injured in a Case Appearance of Syndrome Corona On Umrah performers.

And in Follows the answers On Most important questions Traded From Before Aliens Whose They wish To go to me Mecca To perform Rituals Umrah And approved From Before Ministry Pilgrimage And Umrah:

What Which Ali Done Before going To Mecca To perform Rituals Umrah?

According To laws Approved From Before Ministry Pilgrimage And Umrah You should Reservation Journey Umrah perfect Including In which Tickets Aviation And residence Hotel Through one Companies Licensed or Agents Accredited Affiliates To the ministry. And it works Ministry Pilgrimage And Umrah On Take Measures Precautionary Aggravating In cooperation With Organizations And bodies Concerned With a view Provide Environment Clean And sound For pilgrims throughout interval Their travels beginning From They leave And even They arrive And that In cooperation With Lines Aviation Patriotism And flying Saudi And lock Seating for them Including Corresponds With Decisions Ministry the health Saudi And measures Preventive Vivo To reduce From Spread virus Corona.

What he is Age Allowed with it for travel to me Mecca To perform Rituals Umrah?

Allow For people What between 1850 Year To visit Mecca To perform Rituals Umrah And that Stop To laws Approved From Before Ministry Pilgrimage And Umrah.

when Must Ali Procedure check up Corona?

Should On all Travelers to me Mecca To perform Rituals Umrah Attach Degree check up B R C. PRC Negative Virus Covid– 19 And outbound From One Laboratories Approved From Before Their country Which Should Made During 72 hour Before an appointment Leaving the trip to me The kingdom Arabic Saudi.

What she Measures Followed Immediately My arrival to me The kingdom Arabic Saudi?

According For actions Precautionary Followed For prevention From Spread virus Corona From Before Ministry Pilgrimage And Umrah, Will be isolation all Travelers The next to me The kingdom Arabic Saudi For a period three days Before They started Perform Rituals Umrah And that in a The same Places Their stay Hotel.

What Which Ali The performance with it to sign up For Umrah?

should On The company Approved Own Made reservations Trips Umrah making sure From Accuracy the information Received in a Passports Travel And its validity Before that Complete Enter all Data Umrah performers to me the system, On that Complete Enter all this is data, Including in a that Data Their stay Hotel in a The kingdom, in a interval Maximum 24 hour Before an appointment They arrive Scheduled to me The kingdom Arabic Saudi.

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