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Wednesday September 16, 2020

Qualitative study: global aspirations of motorsport drivers in …

The Emirates Automobile and Motorcycle Organization has confirmed that it has started implementing all the recommendations contained in the special report on providing sustainable ways to develop the skills and care of young racing drivers in the United Arab Emirates.

The organization shared some of the main figures included in the study on amateur racing drivers in the UAE, which revealed that more than a third of those who participated in the survey have ambitions to reach higher levels in motorsport, while considering the high costs of entering this field and the loss of effective care from The most prominent obstacles to professionalism and pursuing a career in motor sport.

The Emirates Automobile and Motorcycle Organization, under the leadership of Emirati star Mohammed bin Sulayem, President of the Emirates Automobile and Motorcycle Organization and Vice President of the International Automobile Federation (FIA), launched this study as part of its strategy to encourage, discover and develop the skills of young racing drivers.

The study has already led to the establishment of the Emirati Skills Development Committee, which is currently working to bring all the main stakeholders together with the aim of looking into the best ways to ensure that future stars achieve their ambitions and aspirations, and work to promote the growth of competitive skills in the United Arab Emirates.

The survey polled 218 karting drivers from all over the Emirates. Of these, only one was under the age of 30 in every five participants, indicating the outstanding challenges for attracting young contestants. As for personal interests, onethird of drivers confirmed that racing on the track in cars was their most important pleasure, followed by motorcycle racing (20%), karting (14%) and rallying (8%).

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On this topic, Bin Sulayem, holder of the Middle East Rally Championship held by the International Automobile Federation (FIA), said several times previously: “It is very important that all parties involved in motorsport in the United Arab Emirates work together to accelerate efforts to discover and sponsor And developing the skills of talented young drivers. This information obtained from this detailed study will enable us to gain a better understanding and better plan for the future, so that we can enhance the levels of support required for young hightalents in the field of racing, as part of their quest to rise to the top of the hierarchy of stardom in these sports. ”

The immediate agenda of the newly established Emirati Skills Development Committee includes a program aimed at identifying the new star of rallying organized by the International Automobile Federation, in addition to enhancing communication between amateur karting drivers in the UAE and creating the best possible team to represent the UAE in the MENA karting challenge. In Oman in 2021.

This challenge, which was organized for the first time last year with the participation of 15 countries, is an initiative launched by Mohammed Bin Sulayem as Vice President of the International Automobile Federation (FIA) in the region.

The contestant is Rashid Al Dhahiri

Among the other tasks that will be implemented based on the report, there is an internal audit that will be carried out by the Emirates Automobile and Motorcycle Organization on its readiness to provide the necessary support for talented drivers. The organization will work with the International Automobile Federation (FIA) to provide leadership capabilities throughout the MENA region, and to strive with other regional bodies specialized in motorsport to reach international standards and stature in the field of developing drivers’ skills. In addition, the Emirates Automobile and Motorcycle Organization will develop a communication strategy that focuses on how to better reach youth.

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This follows the launch of the UAE’s first official digital motor sport series designed to attract the next generation of competitors. The mission of the organization is to give any young person in the UAE, regardless of his background or ability to drive, the opportunity to enhance his skills as a driver or cyclist.

In light of the need for young motorsport fans to emulate and inspire more characters, the United Arab Emirates has witnessed over the past few years the emergence of a group of stars with a promising future. Currently, 12yearold Emirati Rashid Al Dhaheri is considered one of the best young drivers in the world as he pursues his dream of becoming a Formula One driver. As for the Emirati sisters, Amna and Hamda Al Qubaisi, they have so far shown real skills in Formula 4 racing, and the Emirates Motor and Motorcycle Organization is committed to providing more similar opportunities for other young drivers.

The heroine Hamda Al Qubaisi

The study was conducted on behalf of the Emirates Automobile and Motorcycle Organization, Professor David Hassan, Associate Dean of the University of Ulster in the United Kingdom and one of the most prominent international experts in the field of sport management. Other comprehensive details of the study are shared with senior officials of the International Automobile Federation (FIA) and the International Motorcycle Federation (FIM), and have so far garnered much plaudits from officials including the president of the International Automobile Federation, Jean Todt.

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