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Friday November 27, 2020

Qualcomm will not be Huawei’s only choice to supply 4G processor chips

Zhang Pingan, head of Huawei’s Cloud Services, has confirmed that the company will not completely rely on Qualcomm to supply 4G chips for its smartphones.

The Chinese giant is trying to avoid previous mistakes that led to delayed production of the company as a result of US restrictions and the suspension of supply chains. Although Qualcomm recently obtained a license to start supplying 4G chips, Huawei will not rely on Qualcomm only to supply 4G chips.

A Huawei supplier confirmed the recent high demand for 4G phones, but the company did not provide details on the exact size of the demand.

Many companies have applied to the US administration to obtain a license to start supplying to Huawei, as these companies included Samsung, Sony, Qualcomm and Intel, as well as AMD and other companies, and although many companies obtained a license to start selling products to Huawei again, only This license also came with restrictions that determine the category of products authorized to be supplied to Huawei.

Also, recent reports confirmed that the license obtained by Qualcomm limits the supply of 4G chips only to Huawei, at a time when smartphone manufacturers tend to focus on 5G versions.

It is expected that Huawei will rely on Qualcomm chips to support the company’s distinctive versions of the Mate series and also the P series in the coming period.


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